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Husband and I have been happily hosting AirBNB guests for six months now, and it’s an amazing place to find unusual housing types you might want to try out!

A Mayan-style complex near Chunkanan, Mexico

Deep in the heart of the land of the Mayas, this property offers you a rare opportunity to experience life in a Mayan village. 50 km southeast of Merida, Yucatan, in the village of Chunkanan, you will find Sac Nicte (Mayan for White Flower), your little corner of paradise.

Three typical Mayan houses with palapa roofs, rented together as a single unit, are set in private tropical gardens. Ideally suited for up to four guests sleeping in hammocks, two more hammocks can be provided, giving accommodation for up to six guests.

There is a large lap pool, whose pure water supply is pumped by windmill from a 14 meter well. Hammocks, linen, kitchen equipment, daily maid service and 24 hour offsite caretaker are included.

The facilities are both luxurious (!) with hot running water in the bathroom, electric light, a CD player, a refrigerator and indoor cooking facilities, and rustic — you sleep Mayan-style in hammocks (there are no beds), the bathroom is not ensuite, no A/C, and no TV. For the intrepid traveller, this is all part of the adventure!

LOVE IT. I want to stargaze there — they start at just $100 a night for five people! South American housing, here I home. Learn more about booking Sac Nicte.

Stay in a yurt (with Ariel’s mama!) on an island retreat in Washington

Experience the magic of our little eco-retreat center and our beautiful Round House by staying in our Guest Yurt. The yurt has a double bed and a comfy couch that serves as a second bed, a table & chairs, is spacious, light, warm and cozy. The yurt does not have a private bathroom; it’s located a few steps away just inside the entry to the nearby main house. Guests are also welcome to use our kitchen and living room in the main house, but there are small appliances and a sorta-kitchen in the yurt for those who want to keep to themselves.

Great Room--looking northwest

Sacred Groves is a ten acre forest sanctuary located on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state a half-hour ferry ride west of downtown Seattle. It is a place to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth, a place for feeling a sense of connection.

Our guest yurt from the West Porch

Book an airy yurt in the forest starting at $60 a night.

Four beds, three baths in Morocco from $391 a night

Bernard A. lists this beautiful blue house. He doesn’t say much about it, but it’s gorgeous.

Learn more about booking this house.

Hummingbird Haven in Georgia

AHHHHHHHHHHH I want to go to this place!

Hummingbird Haven is green- and white-striped and sits nestled in the woods overlooking a meadow. Many mornings as you sit on your covered veranda sipping your coffee, tea or hot chocolate you may see deer grazing. The inside of Hummingbird Haven is spacious and custom designed with traditional Indian block print ceiling in soft salmon, cream and green pin-striped. The tent has a private bath with an antique washstand sink from Eastern Europe, on demand hot shower and compost toilet. Robes are provided and the queen size bed has luxurious bedding. Sleeps 2.

Learn more about booking Hummingbird Haven.

My mind is buzzing with possibilities. For those of you who’ve AirBNB’d, what were your favorite spots? Did you get to try an unusual type of housing?

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  1. My partner and I AirBnB-ed a bunch when we travelled around the world last September/October. We like it much better than couch surfing, because it’s a bit more stable, and sometimes when you’re travelling you just want to go into your room & shut the door and not have to be social.

    I *loved* staying with people who live in the places we’re visiting. They were all very friendly, and gave heaps of advice about things to see & do – stuff we would have otherwise overlooked. And it did give us a glimpse of what life is like in a) an Irish cottage (hint: life there is adorable); b) a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan; and c) a super suburban house in Virginia.

  2. I have never AirBnB’ed before, but thanks to this wonderful post, I am…in Seattle next month! This came just in time, as me and the man-spouse were starting to freak out a tad about hotels in the area on our budget. Cat, you rock my socks, to the max.

    • I seriously LOVE it. We’ve hosted a bunch of people through it, all perfectly polite and happy guests. I’m excited to hear about how Scott’s AirBNB booking goes during his trip in March, too.

    • Ooh ooh, this room could be yours!

      stepping into the guest room

      (Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my mother. I can’t help it! I grew up on that land and it’s GORGEOUS.)

      • Totally perfect! We took a road trip from Portland up and round on the 101 for 2 weeks on our honeymoon (we are East-coasters) and it was fantastic. Planning another trip for our 5 year in 2 years, will book with your mom for sure! Ocean Shores in June and staying in the Hoh were two highlights, but I want to make it out to the islands next time.

    • No to hijack staying with Ariel’s mother, because that looks amazing, but if you stay in the city of Seattle, AirBnB or both have much MUCH more affordable, and nicer places to stay than a hotel. We stayed in a condo last time in Capitol Hill and were super happy not to be in a hotel.

  3. My husband and I stayed in a beautiful little house just outside of Flagstaff, AZ last summer. The upstairs balcony looks out over a huge pasture, so we got to watch cows graze during sunset.

  4. I used air bnb for a recent trip to Paris and it was SUCH a wonderful experience. We saved a significant amount of money, rented an enormous apartment for ourselves (well, enormous by Euro standards), met some locals and felt like we had a peek into regular Parisian life. I cannot imagine ever booking a hotel room again- seriously.

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