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Extended stay hotel hacks to make your room feel more like home

Because of my husband’s job we spend a lot of time living for months out of hotels. We’ve “lived” in Vancouver and Morocco and now we’re in Atlanta. Over time I’ve figured out a few hotel hacks for making your hotel feel more like your home. I’ve started to do a lot of things differently when I travel (which I’ll get to), but so far my biggest tip is this one…

I would SO pay $500 a night to stay at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

Once again, I have gone on virtual vacation via Airbnb and have come back with an amazing find. Last time it was an upside down boat-turned-retreat, this time it’s a stately manor in Nairobi with a resident herd of giraffes!

I just found out Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine home is actually a real-life hotel and now I need to go there

I’m not sure where I’ve been for my entire life but I only recently discovered that Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine is actually a real life hotel that you can stay at for $10 a NIGHT. TEN DOLLARS A NIGHT to run wild in Luke’s old stomping grounds and pretend you’re looking for Sand people and Jawas, guys!

A Belgian B&B fit for a rogue’s gallery of guests

This week Ariel and I fawned over a little trojan horse-style B&B somewhere in Belgium. It looks like it’s the mobile home of a band of mysterious, roguish, magical minstrels. I look at its starry night bedroom and twisted-wood lounges and sigh.

Kindlewood: An old hospital building becomes a single mom’s adventurous business

I saw this house and couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities of it — so I opened up a travel lodge. Now I host people from all over: entire circus troupes, love-lorn Russians, gay Filipinos, and many more.