9 kitchen products you didn’t know existed, but could change your life!

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OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

I might have been shopping for something really boring on Amazon — so boring I don’t even remember what it was. But whatever it was lead me down a rabbit hole of genius kitchen products that I had no idea existed. And now I own one of them… it’s that 3-1 avocado thingy pictured up there.

It slices open the avocado, then it helps remove the pit (without the threat of slicing open your hand), and it even guts the avo into individual slices! Perfect for avocado toast toppings. How did I not know this existed!? It is now my most favorite single use item (well, double use — I also use it to slice the lemon for my avo toast) in the world. It seriously changed my life.

Maybe you will get the same amount of joy from learning that these awesome kitchen products exist…

Chef’n PopTop Microwave Popcorn Popper

You fill this fucker up with popcorn kernels, close it up, let ’em pop, open it up and voilå! It’s it’s own popcorn bowl. Perfect to use with any one of these recipes…

Handheld Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

I knew about Spiralizers — the massive kind that take up your entire counter space — but I didn’t know they came in a handheld version!

Tovolo Cupcake Scoop

This cupcake scoop is not, as I originally believe, a scoop with which to eat cupcakes. It measures the same amount of batter every time, so your cupcakes or muffins bake evenly! The scoop both dispenses the batter directly into the pan, while its plunger scrapes the scoop completely clean.

Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper

I have never used one of these, and, like the title suggests, I didn’t even know it existed. But I believe this Amazon review sums it up pretty well…

This is probably the coolest kitchen gadget I have. I always used a knife to scrape off the kernels because I don’t like eating corn from the cob. I don’t eat a lot of corn, but when I do this gadget works flawlessly. Love it…”

Okay, I knew that egg separators were a thing, but I’m just delighted that this one looks like a cute gold fish.

Wonder Grill

The Wonder Grill is fascinating… It’s a burger patty press and and freezer container. But it’s also oven-safe so you can cook things in it. And you can freeze a few containers with different types of food in each (mini pies, individual quiches, chili, spaghetti meat sauce, etc) and then all you need to do is to pop out and make many as you want! Look at how useful this could be.

Creative Fruits Plant Multi Kitchen Tool Set

I LOVE me an adorable multi-tool thingy. Kind of like my favorite rainbow kitchen bowl set, this Creative Fruits Plant Multi Kitchen Tool Set of 10 Has an apple cutter, avocado scoop, fruit slicer, cutter mesh, grater, and lemon and grapefruit squeezer just to name a few. Check out all the ways this little tool set can help you in the kitchen and then look cute when it’s not in use.

IPAC Standing Knife Spreader

The little part of me that OCD about putting a messy knife blade down on the counter, and then picking it up and using it again, is rejoicing over this invention. The “safety first” part of me is horrified about having a blade sticking straight up. (Although, it’s just a spreader and not a sharp knife.)

I showed you mine, now show me yours! What are some weird single-use kitchen products that you were thrilled to find out existed?

Comments on 9 kitchen products you didn’t know existed, but could change your life!

  1. The fish thing is cute BUT you can do the exact same yolk separation with an empty plastic water bottle. It’s one of my favorite science activities to do with little kids, to teach them about vacuum.
    I’ve got a tiny kitchen, so I’m anti-gadgets with one use only, so that plant fruit contraption? Making my heart sing. And it’s so colorful and happy!

  2. My favorite single use kitchen item is my silicone cookie dough scoop. Makes cookie making way easier and cookies more uniform. I will admit that while it is intended to be single use, I also use it on a daily basis to scoop coffee grounds. Two scoops makes the perfect strength coffee XD

  3. My favourite gadget is a little garlic/ginger grater plate. It’s a little round ceramic plate with little nobbly bits in the middle. YOu take your peeled garlic/ginger and just whizz it around in circles on the nobbly bits. It grates and pulverises the garlic/ginger with ease, and saves the stickiness and tedium of finely chopping/crushing the garlic/ginger with a knife, and is so much easier than a traditional garlic press.

      • You can keep butter out on the counter in a regular butter dish! Keep the box in the fridge, but one stick out on the counter for daily use. I’ve always kept a stick at room temp, the only time I’ve refrigerated the open stick was during crazy heat waves without air conditioning. Your butter will be fine on the counter in a plain old dish!

  4. Not exactly a gadget but I discovered magnetized measuring cups/spoons sets.
    There is a magnet in the bottom of each so they just automatically form a neat little pile instead of scattering everywhere in my (extremely organized, ahem) utensil drawer. Pure pure genius.

    Oh and I also threw out all the measuring spoons except for 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon. I’m too lazy to fish out and then wash, dry, set away 1/8 teaspoon or 1/4 teaspoon. I just eyeball it in the teaspoon, but I was having to constantly take the whole set on and off the ring to access the same two. Tadah! Much less fussing, and much less mess!

  5. I don’t see why you should use two utensils, the fish thing plus the bowl, to do something that… Requires only the shell the egg comes in and that you’re handling and breaking anyway?
    I used to love funny gadgets, but honestly, apart from being cute, most times they just make your life more complicated.

  6. Egads, this hurts my delicate minimalist heart. All of these things just seem like a pain in the ass to clean and take up a huge amount of space compared to how much labor they save. But I guess I can’t be too judgey because I do own and love one of those wire egg slicer thingies (I make a lot of egg salad so I feel it’s justified).

    • Yeah, the only downside to the avocado thing is that it’s a bitch to clean. But DAMNIT I DON’T CARE! I love it so much, I will delicately fondle every slicer on that thing whilst cleaning, until my dying day.

  7. I hate to be a preachy SJW (but I will). Some of my mentally ill friends have highlighted that it is super annoying and really unhelpful when people incorrectly use mental health diagnoses to describe little personality quirks. It’s really unhelpful because it encourages people when they hear “I have OCD” as “I like alphabetising my books” rather than “I have a potentially life threatening condition that may inhibit my ability to work and engage in other typical activities.”

    I’m sorry if you have OCD and that little knife has allowed you to eat toast for the first time in years. The tone of your comment gave the impression that you don’t and you were using the term OCD incorrectly.

    • Hey Sam. Thanks for your concern. As the daughter of TWO (oh yes, two) fully-diagnosed-with-OCD parents, I do, in fact struggle keeping those tendencies at bay on a daily basis. If I let it go un-checked, it would ruin my life and my ability to take care of myself. So please trust that I use it with the utmost respect and understanding.

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