Buy this space saving, rainbow, food prep nesting set

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81hI6rgwBoSI’ve been lusting after this 8-Piece Food Preparation Nesting Set ever since I started using my kitchen more often. I have a super cramped kitchen and this setup is just WAY too convenient.

Wanna see all the things that are nested together in this rainbow of efficiency?

8-Piece Food Preparation Nesting Set in actionThis $30 set includes:

  • large mixing bowl with non-slip ring on base
  • colander
  • sieve
  • small bowl with a pouring spout and measurements on the inside
  • and 4 measuring cups (1-cup, ½-cup, 1/3-cup, and ¼-cup)

8-Piece Food Preparation Nesting Set
Then when you’re done using all your basic cooking supplies, they nest together and take up no more room than a large mixing bowl! It’s currently on sale over on Amazon right now. My purchase finger is just itching!

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    • I want to get one but I was reading the reviews and some say the colander shrank when they strained spaghetti. What do you think of the set? 🙂

      • wow – i must say i’ve had the set for years (maybe 3) and it still functions perfectly and looks as-new. maybe that particular one was faulty? anyway, i’m a voice of satisfaction – i love the thing and it gets used all the time. i wash it in my smeg dishwasher (top shelf!) and it’s held up great.

  1. I love this…but at the same time I’m trying to eliminate plastic things from my future kitchen (we’re camper living, but still collecting things for our house-to-be-bought). Everything I have is metal, or glass/ceramic, or wood, and almost all vintage stuff I’ve found. Plastic is not very vintage-y……oooohhh, but rainbows are fun. *internal war rages*

  2. I have a very similar one, except the colours are different, and the smaller bowl doesn’t have a pouring lip (that would make it perfect). It was a wedding gift for us, and we’ve used it so much that I went and found one to give to another friend for their wedding. Spreading the love for the space-saving rainbow!

  3. I saw them in a shop here in the Hague and I SO wanted to take it home.. but then I remembered all the other 20 plastic bowls we have and never use and the “cup and spoon”-measure set I recently bought.. it is too pretty.
    By the way, I found it in a kitchen supplies shop in which I could easily spend 2 hours every week.. it has all that incredibly awesome stuff.

  4. Really cute, and great idea… but then I realized that this is how we store stuff in our kitchen already. small stuff like measuring cups and cookie cutters inside a seive inside a colander inside a bowl inside another bowl… All in the space of the largest bowl. Although, the ones you can buy here are much prettier, and fit more easily, but still, it’s the same idea.

  5. Sure, I’ve been coveting this set ever since I saw it at a friend’s house years ago, but $65.65!!!!!!! I don’t think I can ever justify spending that much money on plastic bowls, colander, sieve and measuring cups.

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