What geeky methods can I employ to tell my partner we’re having a baby?

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so happy, he can't stop drooling My husband and I have recently started trying to create a little baby geek all of our own! It dawned on my this morning that when the time comes for me to pee on that little stick — it seems my life revolves around peeing on little sticks these days — that he will be at work, so I will know a good 10 hours before he gets back.

I could text or call him, but I’d rather tell him face to face or by a cool nerdy way — but there are so many options! Star Wars? Star Trek? A sweet video for our friends? Gaaaah!

What geeky/nerdy ways did you lovely people tell your husbands, wives, partners and significant others you were pregnant? — LadyG

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  1. We are gamer type nerds, I found a funny graphic that said “Game Over” with a baby showing inside a woman. I didn’t break the news with this, I showed it to him later in the day but I wish I had printed it out and used it as the announcement. I just didn’t think that far ahead and blurted it out lol.

    I’m not sure if links work in comments but here is the graphic on a tee: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FUNNY-Mens-Women-Baby-Pregnant-Custom-T-Shirt-GAME-OVER-/160647633591

  2. My poor husband had to be content to get the pee sticks (yes, sticks – I was in a state of shock and employed a couple different tests) waved in his face.

    However – my husband came up with an ADORABLE meme that we used to tell our parents that we were expecting number 2 – I had snapped a picture of our eldest in his exersaucer and for some reason, his eyes were very wide and we included the message: “Wait, pregnant means what?!?!?!” It was pretty cool.

  3. You can try owl mail. 😉 How about having someone dress up as Darth Vader and say, “You are the father!” Have a geeky cake made. Anyhoo, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    • Love this! A lady in my office cross-stitches, and she always offers to make something for office babies. I’m holding on to this pattern!

  4. My husband prefers to find out well in advance of seeing me to have ample time to work up to my excitement level but I had wanted to give him a little riddle saying “how am I like the Doctor (Who) right now?” “I have two heart beats!” This would also work with references to Stargate Goa’uld symbiotes or Star Trek Dax symbiotes.

    When we announced our first pregnancy to his friends, he made a mock-up of a magic the gathering card with a picture of our ultrasound and some fun flavor text. We just found out we are expecting again so time to start brainstorming on how to break the geek-tastic news this time.

  5. Just a suggestion, since I do not know your situation, but why not wait until he gets home to pee on a stick? (Apologies if there is some extremely good reason!) We watched it turn pink together, and it was great.

      • What about just peeing in a cup in the morning then waiting until both are home and dip the stick in it? I can’t imagine HGC just evaporates and even if that is a concern put a cover over it.

        …edit to add: I just thought of how crazy someone would look if a guest came over to see a plastic cup filled with pee and with saran wrap over it just sitting in the bathroom.

        • Yeah Its a nice idea but not one for us unfortunately. We are serial stick-pee-ers. (well I am at least! – not sure why he’d be peeing on sticks…!)

          But I like the idea of being able to tell him and see the look on his face!

        • Unless you put the pee cup in the fridge to keep safe, don’t pee in the morning and leave it sitting out. Peeing in the morning is the best (especially the first pee of the day) because the HCG is more concentrated and you will have a better result. If you put it in the fridge, take it out and let it warm up to room temp before sticking the stick in!
          Hope this helps!!!!

          *lab tech in a ob/gyn office*

    • This assumes that it’s a positive result though. I wouldn’t want to share every ‘not this time’ with my partner. That’s me personally though, I can definintely see the appeal of truly finding out together. I was a serial tester so it would definintely have lost its magic by the time we got the right color lol.

      • Doesn’t have to assume a positive result (becauae how could one predict that anyway?). We watched them stay white, too, which was disappointing, but I wouldn’t want her to go through that alone (and I would obviously find out eventually). But understand if that is not other people’s thing. Such a personal moment, everyone must do what feels good to them.

        Also, scientifically, I am wondering how true the first morning urine thing is. I have heard it, too, but my wife peed on things all day long, and it never went from positive I’m the morning to negative in the evening (this was starting 9 days post ovulation, too, so about as early as one could detect such things). Not at all saying it is definitely NOT true, I am just scientifically minded, and our experiment suggested that it is not always true.

        • I can help with the science part here. Morning pee generally has the highest concentration of hCG (human gonadotrophin – what the test is testing for) for two reasons. Firstly you’ve been asleep all night, so you probably haven’t peed, and critically, you’ve not been drinking water or tea or juice to dilute it in those 8 hours of sleep. you have an 8 hour pee build up in your bladder which is as concentrated as it can be. It doesn’t have anything to do with the sunrise or the time of day, if you didn’t drink for 8 hours from lunchtime you’d get exactly the same result at night- its just that unless you’re sleeping, going 8 hours without liquid is pretty daft.

          The rate hCG builds up at though you’re talking about knowing at day 9 rather than day 10. If the levels are high enough to be picked up by an over the counter test in the morning, you’ll probably just get a fainter line if you try again at the end of the day, and within about 24 – 48 hours later you’ll always get a positive test no matter when you try it. It would be really rare that you get a positive in the morning and a negative in the evening, you’d more likely get a strong positive in the morning, and a weak positive in the evening.

          • Great explanation! I’d like to add that levels of HCG tend to double in a 48 hour period. Some urine pregnancy tests boast that they can tell at a very low level, not sure the accuracy there. And some women have higher HCG levels at the same gestation. Not all women have 28 day cycles, which would skew results. So typically, at approximately a week after the day you should have started your period, if you test first thing in the morning, the accuracy of a urine pregnancy test is very high.

  6. The first time I peed on the stick, the lines showed up and I was too excited/shocked/anything to think of anything fun to do to tell him and not just text him a picture of it right away. Could have been the perfect time because we just got back from a trip to Israel and was about to go to Comic Con the next week.
    The other 2 times I couldn’t get excited enough over my worry of losing them again, so he found out right away.

    Thinking back though, I did/do have a Star Wars tin lunch box that I bought a while back that is still hidden under the bed for when we have a boy. I figured if a girl I could find something like a MLP lunch box or something. Though we found out what we are having now through silly string… one day my already planned plans will actually be used! hahahaha

  7. When I had a stick positive, I was waaaaay too excited to wait to tell him. Fortunately for me, it was super early in the morning and he was just getting ready for bed. I had him play hangman with me, and the “word” was “I’m pregnant!” He never did finish it (left the vowels out), but he’s good at guessing so he knew what it said. I still have that sheet of paper in my sketchbook– I was going to frame it, had it come to term.

  8. I has “Will you be my baby daddy?” written on a cake, and had my dude open the box to find the (clean!) pregnancy test next to that message. Not terribly geeky, per se, but it was fairly awesome. In hindsight, I sort of wish I had gotten him a cheesy Star Wars-themed cake from our local grocery store’s bakery and had them write “Ryan, you are the father!” or something like that, but having the snooty professional cake decorator at the snooty fancy bakery write my classy message was kind of worth it in the long run.

  9. We were sort of trying to get pregnant, so early on I had ordered a onesie that was made to look like Chell’s jumpsuit from Portal 2 and knew I was going to use that somehow. (Obviously, we love the Portal games and help each other through the levels.) I wrapped the onesie up in several boxes and had that ready by the door. I lined up the 3 pregnancy tests on my dresser in the bedroom for confirmation purposes. He opened the box, said “Oh you bought one. Cool!” and kept looking at me in confusion because I was grinning and jumping up and down like an idiot. I said “We’re going to have our own little test subject!” He still looked befuddled but like he was coming around, so I showed him the pregnancy tests. That finally got the “Oh sh*t!” out of him. (He was super thrilled, just a gut reaction there.) We didn’t find out the sex till our wee one was born and we had a girl! Now she has a Halloween costume! (A good friend gave her a plush Companion Cube as a welcome home gift. Perfect!)

    • Fun onesies! There are so many of them available on the interwebs. As a pregnancy gift for my D&D-loving friends I made a onesie with freezer paper that said “Level One Human”.

  10. These ideas are awesome 🙂 my hubby pointed out Vaders Little Princess earlier in a book shop, I told him I’d buy it if/when our surrogate gets pregnant. I’m also thinking of Doctor Who onesies or an Adipose plushie (a baby lump of cuteness!) with ‘Baby Daddy’ on it.

  11. I was working on a new blog at the time, and my husband was out when I got the positive test. So I wrote my announcement to him into the code of WordPress theme I was modifying, and asked for his help when he got home.

  12. If you play video games, use the “Achievement Unlocked: Make A Baby” graphic that’s been floating around the Internets. You could print it out and put it in a video game case (and suggest playing that game after work that night) or something similar.

    Something involving a companion cube seems like it would be appropriate too.

  13. this is really unlike me to say, but i would treat it really seriously, even if you and/or your spouse are normally spontaneous fun-lovin’ etc. a private, safe environment where he’s had a chance to put his feet up after work. maybe a text earlier, “I’m making a special dinner for us tonight” or something.

    ii had terrible experiences with telling spouse and then another family member about my pregnancy. even people who are trying to get pregnant can freak the fuck out when their partner says, hey, i’m carrying your baby.

  14. We’re both fans of the show Clone High. When we were expecting our first baby, I loaded up a clip from the film festival scene: “I have your baby in me, giraffe!” (Don’t know if I can post a link to a video, but this is it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-gwuML2vYE)

    Have to say, he didn’t actually appreciate it. We’re both fun-loving geeks, but he said he wished I had told him in a more serious manner. Now I know for next time!

  15. my fiance always, I mean ALWAYS wears the same (well, he has 5 pair of the same) khaki cargo shorts. He pairs them with an endless supply of ironic or just funny shirts.
    SO, we’re just now TTC but when I do tell him, I plan to have him open a box with a tiny pair of cargos and a tiny ironic onesie so our baby can dress like dad!

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  17. I created a “stork industries” letter head that looked like stark industries like on iron man. I made a starter package for him and put books like “dude, you’re going to be a dad!” And onsies inside. The letter talked about how the custom order is being created and will arrive no later than my due date, etc. It was funny. It was signed by Tony Stork.

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