A letter to women struggling to get pregnant

If you're trying to get pregnant, there is a lot going on. You may become overwhelmed with emotions. Anger and envy over those who you assume became pregnant easily. Frustration and sadness over another negative pregnancy test. Fear and anxiety that you'll never get pregnant. It may seem like nearly every woman around you is pregnant and you may wonder when you'll have your turn.

Here's my letter to you…


Building a nursery is how I maintain my sanity while trying to conceive

I was tired of feeling like I was letting my partner down. It didn’t matter that I knew he was disappointed in the situation and not with me. I still felt responsible. I didn’t need him to say anything, I needed him to act. So I gave him a responsibility: I asked him to do something for the nursery-to-be. Whatever he wanted. What I was really looking for was reassurance that he thought we’d get there eventually.

What did you research while trying to conceive?

My husband and I are planning on trying to conceive in the next three to four months. I originally thought that I was a crazy person for wanting to go ahead and do some planning for care providers and such now, but I am quickly learning that I am not a crazy person (at least not because of that), and that it's quite normal.

What I'd LOVE to know, is what you all did/planned/researched before you conceived — a timeline with to-dos for each month would really help me out!