A Megan-simple sesame chicken salad

Guest post by Alissa
Rotisserie chicken, plus chicken-flavored ramen, plus sesame seeds, and veggies = lunch for days!
Rotisserie chicken, plus chicken-flavored ramen, plus sesame seeds, and veggies = lunch for days!

This is a great salad to pack for lunches. It’s also a very forgiving recipe, so add more of the ingredients you like and cut back those you don’t like or don’t have. It’ll keep for about a week in the fridge, but I like it so much it’s never lasted that long.



  1. Pull the meat off the chicken with your fingers, and cut the meat up into small pieces.
  2. Rinse the veggies. Cut the big stem out of the middle of the cabbage, and chop the rest up into small pieces (the bits right next to the stem are still great to use but you probably don’t want to eat the big chunky thing). Chop up the green onions.
  3. Before opening the Ramen packet, smash it to break up the noodles into little pieces.
  4. Mix everything together, including the Ramen flavoring packet.
  5. Enjoy!

Comments on A Megan-simple sesame chicken salad

  1. Yum! This would also be great with shredded carrots and chopped broccoli florets, or sliced mushrooms and water chestnuts, or sliced red peppers…. you get the idea. Infinite variations of veggie deliciousness!

    • Oh yeah, throw in any extra veggies you like! The chicken + cabbage combo is a great base. I love how the cabbage adds bulk to extend the number of servings, and cabbage doesn’t go bad very fast so it keeps nicely. 🙂

  2. That sounds really yummy! It should be a super quick dinner too.

    Thinking of making that with leftover grilled chicken, gluten-free spaghetti noodles (evil Celiac) and Asian seasoning. Nom.

    • I found some gluten-free Ramen on amazon.com, but it is really expensive. My ‘quick meals’ list would grow if it could only be as cheap as and have same taste/texture as regular Ramen!

    • Both the Ramn and seasoning packet can be left out, too. (I sometimes only use half the packet if it’s tasting too salty.) But crunchy Ramen noodles do add a fun texture to the salad. Be warned that after a day in the fridge they will no longer be crunchy.

  3. This sounds delish – I love lighter foods for dinner during the summer. Definitely going to have to try it. I’m wondering if using a bagged cole slaw would work out well for cutting down prep time?

    Also, due to the glare on the Ramen in the picture, I thought for a minute that it was Gluten flavor, and my only thought was “Well, that seems like overkill”.

    • You totally can use bagged cole slaw mix. It’s what all Southern women of a certain age use to make this for church picnics and family reunions.
      They also have a bevvy of iterations of this salad that range from “okay-looking” to “oh, holy God, what horror is this, why is this in existence”. /nightmares

  4. When I was in elementary school, kids used to bring ramen to school and eat it raw – which prompted a newsletter urging parents to stop sending these because the raw noodles were expanding in little tummies and making them sick. Sort of the same thing as birds that eat rice at weddings I guess. Has anyone else ever heard of that issue when using noodles in salads? Do they need to be cooked/deep fried/soggy from the lettuce in order to not have belly pain? Were my school chums just neglecting to eat anything nutritious along with their crunchy salty noodly goodness?

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