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What geeky methods can I employ to tell my partner we’re having a baby?

My husband and I have recently started trying to create a little baby geek all of our own! It dawned on my this morning that when the time comes for me to pee on that little stick — it seems my life revolves around peeing on little sticks these days — that he will be at work, so I will know a good 10 hours before he gets back.

What kind of pregnancy announcement gifts do you give hip grandparents-to-be?

My husband and I recently found out I’m pregnant and would like to tell our families around Christmas. I think it would be fun to get cute Grandma and Grandpa gifts and see their reaction when they open them. My parents are really HIP though — like hippie cool, and would never want a necklace that says “Grandma’s Angels” or a sign that says “What happens at Grandpa’s stays at Grandpa’s.”

5 birth announcement videos to rule them all

We’ve talked about the great love for birth videos that I have — and now I’ve found a collection of super cute (and yes, one of them is Star Wars-themed) birth ANNOUNCEMENT videos. You know — lovely little ways to say, “Hey, remember that time we told you we were having a baby? OH HEY, HERE IT IS!”

Concert poster birth announcements FTW!

Hello there Offbeat Mamas! It’s Megan from Offbeat Bride popping in to our sister site while Ariel is getting to know her son outside of her body. And what better way to celebrate a glorious thing like that than with some rad baby announcements!? Ah’like this ones perhaps?… I have to thank my preggo friend […]