A life filled with relics of other people's lives: My love of collecting vintage furniture

This is a story about the intrinsic value of material objects. Sometimes when I discuss my hobby with others, they comment that it would "weird them out" to have other people's old stuff, but it's never bothered me. I find something satisfying in knowing that my things arrived on this Earth long before I, and will likely remain long after, too. Here's how I got into collecting vintage furniture…


5 ways to make fandom happen on the cheap

My husband and I are both nerdy. Between the two of us, our nerdy obsession list is quite long. Unfortunately, when you combine all the orgasmic merch available for each of these fandoms with our limited disposable income, you create a perfect storm for massive credit card debt. In order to practice self-restraint, these are the five tactics that we've come up with to protect our checking account as we grow our nerdy collections…


Make your own framed display board for your button collection

I've been collection pins and buttons for years, starting with going to punk shows as a teen and over the years expanding to collecting them from travel, art shows, wherever. Forever they sat in a bowl or tin and I couldn't really enjoy them. So I came up with this easy DIY solution to display my collection…


What do I do with all of these bookmarks?

Over the years, I've purchased or been given many lovely bookmarks (especially since I'm known to be an avid reader). More and more, though, I'm reading ebooks, and even using bookmarks as designed seems like an imperfect way to see and show off all of my favorite designs. What are some better/other ways to display or make use of my bookmarks?