Christmas comes but once a year so I have to share ANOTHER dark Christmas tree from a reader — even though we already showed one gothy purple tree! Whatever. I really doubt you guys are going to complain that we have too many AWESOME VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS PHOTOS.

Monochrome Mantel

This is haplesschyld’s version of Christmas.

The whole tree!

She’s pitched an Edward Gorey-themed tree decked out in handmade Gorey-fied ornaments.

The Ornaments


And I MUST show love to her personalized black Christmas village:

The Dark Snow Scene

I really love winter villages, but they don’t really fit in my decorating style. The answer was finding old ones at thrift stores, and spraying them with silvers, pewters, and blacks. Once they were dry I painted the details in glue and glittered them.

Talk about YOU doing YOU. Beautiful chilly decor without even a whiff of tradition.

See more from haplesschyld on Flickr.

Comments on Treat yourself! …To another macabre Christmas tree

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  1. i LOVE the Christmas village! my brother and i used to paint these every Christmas and they’re still on display at my dad’s house; i just love this twist on an old tradition!

  2. I love this so so very much. Is there anyway ya’ll can bribe or beg her to do a non-Christmas photo house tour? Cause the peeks her photos show of her normal decor look awesome and I want to see more…and peeking in stranger’s windows is generally frowned upon in polite company.


  3. Repainting thrifted villages is the best idea ever. The nice ones are so flipping expensive, and the cheap ones are ugly.

    Love the feather wreath and the whole mantle thing going on. Very pretty!

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