Display your sparkly burlesque pasties proudly

September 5 2011 | offbeatbride

Burlesque Display at Home

YES. Displaying burlesque pasties DOES seem like a great idea! Thanks Chae for sharing this photo in our Offbeat Home Flickr pool! Chae explained…

After the show, [these pasties] will live on my walls, along with a few other burlesque props and pictures from the shows. Plus, they inject some much needed color into the room!

Wanna know how you can make your own pastie display? Check out the tutorial over here. Wanna see all the fun decor options that pasties can offer? Head over here.

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    • YES! I'm glad someone got that! It was for my Doctor Who act, where I start out as 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane steals my sonic screwdriver and freezes me in place, then steals my hat and scarf, and I drag myself back into the TARDIS to regenerate into 10th Doctor. XD
      Yay for geeks!

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