Grab a Back Jack for floor-sitting

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During our stay at Sacred Groves for the Offbeat Empire staff retreat last week, I discovered the chair meant for me. The Back Jack.

What is this simple chair wonder? It’s a sturdily-built floor chair designed for meditation, but GREAT for those among us who prefer keeping things low to the ground. Having a Back Jack kept my butt from getting sore and my legs from going numb — my usual floor-sitting complaints.

The second morning of the retreat, I placed my order for a Back Jack. Floor desk, here I come!

Comments on Grab a Back Jack for floor-sitting

  1. Holy crap, this thing looks amazing! Specifically, for me and homework. I’ve always done my homework on the floor – usually leaning up against the couch. I’ve never had a big enough desk, and that’s why I use the floor, but man does this look like it would fix all the problems with butt soreness, particularly because of apartments and their non-existent carpet pads.

    Although I may just go and buy myself a cushion instead – seems a little cheaper.

  2. I love these! I work with toddlers and infants and this thing is a lifesaver when I sit on the ground with them. My pregnant co-teacheris a big fan too!

  3. I used to use something similar when I went camping as a kid. It was an arrangement of two waterproof cushions attached at one end, with adjustable straps at the sides. They folded up neatly, and were great indoors and out!

    Amazing, except when you got too excited and tipped a little too far backwards…

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