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hammocks for everyone

Lounge-y hammocks for everyone from babies to kitties to grown-ass adults

When it’s hot outside and all you want to do is sit in the shade with a big ol’ margarita, is there a better way to go than swinging in a hammock? I think the answer is no. Whether you’re an adult looking to spoon in a cocoon, a baby in need of a cuddly swing, or a cat looking for yet another place to lounge (don’t you have enough beds?! Nope.), there’s a hammock for you.

Let’s peruse some ultra lounge-y hammocks for everyone on your summer gift list…

Colorful seating options in a rainbow of colors!

I love me a neutral colored space, but every now and then my interior design-loving eye balls want COLOR! I found a treasure trove of colorful seating options on Amazon, and I got it into my weirdo little brain to make a rainbow of chairs.

Here’s some ROYGBV for your ass… literally…

Hang out like a pro in these kick-ass hanging chairs

I have a rounded alcove in my living room, which I think would be perfect for a hanging chair. I know that Megan is a master at finding cool shit on the internet, so I’m hoping she can find me some cool hanging chair options. Help me hang out in my living room?

Sit on Darth Vader while you eat from the Death Star

Stop everything you’re doing and join the Dark Side… we have cookie jars shaped like the Death Star. But first, look at this Darth Vader chair…

13 awesome hammocks that are just begging for the best nap ever

Just in time to ride out the hot summer in swinging style. I thought I’d share these awesome hammocks with all y’all. So take a deep breath and lose yourself in the all these nap-ready, gentle-swaying, beauties…

Get inspired: a Baroque frame on the most decadent chair ever

These incredible framed chairs and sofas from Slokoski — a design company run by two brothers — are the definition of statement furniture. The hand-carved, incredibly ornate frame makes it feel like a work of art, framing you while you no doubt enjoy macarons and luxury-brand tea on the velvet tufting.

Use beanbag chairs as super-squishy baby gates

I know, I know, I usually don’t touch baby stuff… but since we talked about couchless living, and I found out a lot of y’all love bean bag chairs, I figured you might love to know of other uses for those squishy seats. Offbeat Mama featured a post about baby-proofing with beanbags and it’s one big ‘ol “great idea” post…

Help me find the right meditation chair!

Prompted by my therapist, I’m attempting to take up meditation. I’ve cleared a spot in the second bedroom in which to get my ‘tation on, but I’m both finding it difficult because I have back problems and the floor is so uncomfortable. So I’m on the lookout for some good meditation chairs. Any of you have experience shopping for the right mediation-encouraging chair?