Five silly-easy Halloween crafts that I’mma do this weekend

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I haven’t decorated for Halloween at ALL — but I totally plan to. It’s on the list for this weekend — and these ideas are the bullet points on that list.


OMG I want to make a pumpkin terrarium! SO EASY AND SO PRETTY.


Paper bats. Draw the outline of a bat on sheets of black construction paper and tack them to the wall with glue dots. I’m gonna plan on making 45. Bend them a bit at the wing to give them a little dimensionality. Best for a room without overhead light.


Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Make paper or cardboard silhouette: Draw a ghost or a beast on with a marker. I’d recommend using a utility knife to cut out the shape — scissors work, too, but even a utility knife used on a silhouette laid over carpet is easier than scissors.

Via Pinterest
Pop the shapes on the window with scotch tape or glue dots — it’ll be good to have a second set of hands for this one.

Witch legs to accessorize your house

Striped tights + newspaper + shoes + Elmer’s Glue + glitter = Witch legs.

You could also use another striped material — t-shirt sleeves or sumthin’.

Make ghost-y plaques. Wooden plaques come in different shapes and run $1-$3 at craft stores. Buy a pack of picture hangers, a big Sharpie, and a good white primer — I like Rustoleum Ultra Cover the best. You can find it for $4 if you shop around.

Mount the picture hangers on the back of each plaque. Prime, let dry for 24-36 hours, and give your ghosts eyes.


It helps to also have a spooky owl.


Source: via Cat on Pinterest

Excuse me while I fantasize about being a pretty princess in this.

I wanna see links to your Pinspiration or actual crafts!

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  1. First of all, a confession: I fucking love Martha Stewart TM. (Not necessarily the lady, just her brand and her staff. They’re awesome at things.)
    But they have so many awesome templates that are like “Print this out. Cut it out. Tape it up. BLAM, INSTANT STYLE.”


    Ooh ooh, and. My holiday pins all go on one board

    • TRUTH. They are popular for a reason, though: most people realistically don’t have the time to think about more decor than that. I am ALL ABOUT the shit I can draw on big craft paper and decorate with!

      • SO exact. Generally, I find that the visual impact is often MORE than enough for my small areas without taking up any floorspace. WIN.
        Plus, I don’t have anywhere to store decorations for use year after year, and I’d be heartbroken to spend a lot of time on something decoratey just to have it ruined or to have to get rid of it right after. Almost all of my decoration pieces are multi-purposed (plain pumpkins to carry me through Thanksgiving, decoratable wreaths, unpatterned linens) so I can make use of them all year.

    • Also, I’m pretty sure the cheesecloth cobwebs mentioned in a post a few days ago is something that pops up in the Martha magazine every year. I totally dig her style.

    • Yup, I am all about the Martha Stewart shit. Whenever I throw a unique party (which frankly most of them are), I look there for ideas. Also FamilyFun magazine, especially if the party is for or includes children.

      Also, I do that paper bat cut-out thing every time I have a Halloween party. It’s a great one to get the kids’ help with; black poster board + white crayons + scissors, and they can help at any of the steps.

  2. oh, I love the witch feet

    last year I made a bleeding head in a bag prop by taking a 4L milk jug and tying a rope around the handle, poking a few pin holes in the bottom corner, and sticking the whole thing in a burlap sack with more rope wrapped around the bag.

    Come spooky time, fill the jug with water with a bit of red food coloring, and hang somewhere that you wont mind the mess (over a lawn is a good idea)

    For extra grossness, apply extra fake blood to the outside of the bag.

    I wish I could remember where I found the idea, they had pictures!

  3. OMG. I have been so disappointed with all of the Halloween crap floating around this year…but this…this just made my heart rate go completely out of control. absolutely love. every. single. thing.

    all I was able to pull off this year was painting a ceramic owl, glittering some fake pumpkins, and making one mac daddy wreath out of two dinky ones and adding glitter and feathers….so depressing that there’s nothing in the house…but we’re moving…so…

  4. I go nuts for Halloween every year. It’s honestly my favorite holiday. This year, we’re going to have a bunch of gamers at our house that Sunday, so I’m officially running amok.

    In our small townhouse, the main room and kitchen are going to be black and white creepy old house. The finished basement will be a bloody house of horrors. And the little fenced in backyard will be a creepy cemetary.

    The biggest crafty projects in the next week will be a creepy curtain on the stairs to seperate the levels, and bodies in the basement with hidden Camelbaks inside for “drinkable blood” – a vampire treat.

  5. I turned a fake pumpkin into a tribute to Tim Burton:!/photo.php?fbid=798506794144&set=a.798506784164.2229726.32308626&type=3&theater
    This is my first attempt at decoupage, and it went better than expected, though very messy. I bought the pumpkin at Michael’s craft store and gathered the pictures from Google images. I used Mod Podge glue that happened to be leftover in our garage by the previous owners. I glued the pictures on, then used a small paintbrush to gradually apply 3 layers for glue over the course of several days.

  6. I had to make a board for halloween all by it’s self because I ~LOVE~ halloween. We used to make a mini spook trail for my younger cousins every year at our family halloween party, and boy have we made some AWESOME things, mostly inspired from my pinterest board:

    I keep trying to decide what my favorite project was out of all the things we did, but there’s just too many and I can’t find any pictures!

  7. More pins for not-as-spooky things! I’m already exhausted from having to co-sleep with my 4-year old again–huge imagination+Halloween+Fire Safety Month do not mix! And for some reason she is NOT BUYING IT when I say our orange cat keeps away the witches and mummies (which she creepily pronounces ‘mommies’).

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