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Make your own action figure terrarium

I love my action figures but I often wish I had a better way to display them rather then gathering dust on a dark shelf. So, when I saw a terrarium a few weeks ago, it hit me: Mini terrariums personalized for each figure would be a perfect and stylish way to show ’em off. Intrigued? Here’s how you make an action figure terrarium…

Terrariums with a humorous twist from Twig Terrariums

You know how terrariums look like tiny little forests and jungles? Well, Twig Terrariums took that idea one step further. Each kit from Twig Terrariums contains everything you need to make your own little green world, complete with inhabitants.

Tiny monuments to geekiness: nerdy terrarium ideas

Offbeat Bride has a post up today that made my heart pitter patter: itty bitty dioramas of nerdy scenes.

Five silly-easy Halloween crafts that I’mma do this weekend

I haven’t decorated for Halloween at ALL — but I totally plan to. It’s on the list for this weekend — and these ideas are the bullet points on that list.

Hostess gift ideas: look past wine and go for handmade, locally-sourced, or unusual offerings

If wine just won’t cut it for your next hostess gift, we have new ideas. Carnivorous plants? Pineapples? Oh my!