Finn got a little TOO adventurous in my studio the other day — one minute he stood proudly on the supply rack, and then he woke up on the carpet, kitty standing over him, his leg snapped.

It makes me so sad to look at him. I’m not a toy collector (my husband is!) so I don’t need anything completely pristine: just a nice fix that will last. Here’s how I repair broken vinyl toys.

You need:

  1. An awesome (but damaged) toy
  2. Epoxy putty (I don’t like the double-tube gels. Putty is easier to handle/save for later, since the tube will last for about three dozen repairs this size.)

Clean off both ends of the break with soap and water. Cut a smidge of putty and knead it evenly.

I highly recommend using gloves for this. Do as I say, not as I do!

You can tell when the putty is activated because it’s one solid color. Easy!

I padded the inside of Finn’s joint with enough epoxy to cover it.

Put the two pieces together, and use your nail to shape the excess putty squooshing out.

After he dries, I’ll clean up the last bit of putty sticking out and he’ll be ready to go.

I was able to position Finn in such a way that his weight held the putty/leg sandwich together. You may need to clamp or otherwise assist your toy. If it’s particularly awkward, try holding it while you watch Battlestar or something — most putties set in 15-45 minutes.

And next time Finn? Maybe adventure on a sturdier shelf. Or one the cat can’t get to.

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