We are brave and beautiful: a single mom’s journey back home with her son

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All photos by Charo Photography.
All photos by Charo Photography.

These photos (shot by North Carolina-based Charo Photography) feature Casey, a single mother, and her son Joseph. The idea behind the photos is ingenious: the pair picked words that they would use to describe one another and wrote them on each other. The results? Totally breathtaking.


When Charo sent us these photos via Two Bright Lights she included a bit of info:

Casey and Joseph have been through a lot together, and have developed an incredible mother-son bond. Casey wanted to commemorate this time in their lives with photos — particularly because Joseph is ten years old, and it won’t be long before his interests [change]! Mom and son enjoy doing arts and crafts together, and one of Casey’s ideas for our session was to write descriptive words on one another — words that each would use to describe the other. This is one of the most memorable, incredible families I’ve worked with.

I contacted Casey and asked if she wanted to share more of their story, and she explained it to me this way:

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results of our shoot — not to mention how thrilled I am just to have met Charo in the first place. We (Joseph & I) needed this. [It’s] been a bumpy road for us… but all is ending well. We’ve moved from place to place to place over the past few years (resulting from many factors including divorce & family issues) but have finally made it back home — just the two of us. In fact, my divorce is final as of today (December 1, 2011).




Casey also said:

The past few years have also involved me pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Management in addition to working two or three jobs… needless to say, Joseph has been a real trooper. The photo session with Charo was symbolic of all we’ve been through together. We even have our own saying: “No matter what life throws at us — we know one thing that never changes — US!” I’ve always wanted Joseph to know that our foundation as a family is in our hearts — not where we live.




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    • This was definitely one of those things I didn’t expect to hit me as deeply emotionally as it did. What a beautiful idea and striking photos. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Very cool idea. And moving. I was a single mom for four years and I understand the special bond you develop with your kids when you go through those single-parent tough times together. All the best to you and your son.

  2. Oh sweet family. I was so blessed to see this. I am going to be a single mother as well, and this just inspired me so much. Thank you for sharing.

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