What are your favorite fashion blogs?

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"I have nothing to wear" print from Etsy seller SamsSimpleDecor
“I have nothing to wear” print from Etsy seller SamsSimpleDecor
I am 32 year old professional. I work in a creative field so I can get away with wearing just about anything at work. I am very into clothes and love mixing and matching vintage and new items.

Lately I have been having a hard time with my wardrobe. I’m a former thrift store junkie, but I, unfortunately, don’t have the time to sift through the racks at the thrift store or even the local vintage shop. So I feel like I am a bit stuck in a fashion rut.

Are there any good fashion blogs you can suggest? -Shannon

I, too, am curious about the answer to this question. Back when Google Reader was king, I followed a couple fashion blogs, but they’ve been lost to time and internets changing. And we’ve also only talked about men’s fashion blogs thus far. So I reached out to our Homies on Facebook, and here’s what they had to recommend:

The Dainty Squid and The Vintage Valley. -Kelly

I have no fashion blogs to suggest, but there are online thrift stores like ThredUP (and others) so you can do the browsing from home, which is a huge deal for me. -Amanda

ModCloth! They always have promo codes and good sales going on. I can always find something cute and affordable. -Sara

I really like style guides like this where they remix one piece. -Amanda

So, fashion-minded Homies…

What are your favorite fashion blogs?

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  1. I like “Hello, Gorgeous”, “Outfit Posts”, “Wardrobe Oxygen” and “Authentically Emme”. The latter two are focused on styles for curvier gals.

  2. “Amanda.” -scoffs-
    To one-up my own advice, just Google around for anybody who is showing off looks they’ve made with a capsule wardrobe. I love how inventive they get reusing pieces in different ways.

  3. I’ve really been enjoying The Vivienne Files. Her wardrobes trend toward older women, but I love the advice about color palettes and how to make sure all of your pieces work together. It inspired a wardrobe overhaul for me (complete with spreadsheet!), and I’m loving it.

    I’m looking forward to everyone else’s suggestions too, I’ve been having a hard time finding blogs that aren’t targeted toward women in their 50’s and 60’s.

  4. Advanced Style is my absolute favorite! It features people aged 60+ with all kinds of different styles and is totally inspiring to me at half their age.

  5. I could have written this post exactly! My tastes sound really similar. I’ve been trying to find some fashion blogs that are not all black, tan, white and navy, but that also aren’t exclusively new trends and fast fashion, or designers. Can’t wait to see what the homies come up with!

  6. Searching through the cracks at the local resale shops can be extremely time consuming. I know when I worked retail I felt like I never had time to search like I did before. So I started to take a Saturday every other or every 2 months and go to my favorite resale shops. This was beneficial in 2 ways, #1 it let me do something I enjoyed and not feel rushed. #2 it made me a semi regular and that allowed the staff to get to know me & my style and they would show me new items that had come in since my last visit. When one of the shops closed down the owner set aside a few of my favorite brands for me to consider before she put them out for the closing sale. Just some thoughts from someone who loves digging in the racks of resale….

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