Where do you find fashion for round tummies?

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fashion for round tummies
Hey Homies,

I’m trying to find clothes that look good and make me happy. The problem? My proportions don’t fit the standard clothing mold.

I’m plus size, which would be fine if I had big breasts, a small waist, and large hips (these seem like the proportions most plus size clothes come in) and I don’t especially like super baggy clothes (which is a lot of what I see at places like Lane Bryant). I have a round tummy and medium-sized breasts and hips, which I guess makes me an “apple” type.

Does anyone know of stores or brands that have apple-proportioned clothes that aren’t maternity, are relatively modest, and don’t assume that because I’m bigger, I want to hide my body under a sack? -Elaine

Apple, pear, and other deliciously-sized Homies, where do you find your favorite clothes for round tummies?

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  1. I have the same problem, in fact I was just venting about it last night! First of all, I give no fucks and continue to wear my maternity pants to work. They are nice black pants with the full panel. The full panel folded down like yoga pants is so, so much more comfortable than trying to find a waist on trousers that is comfortable but not huge on my butt and thighs.

    Old Navy has these really great tanks right now called “boyfriend” and “relaxed slub” which are great for spring/summer and are flowy without looking like a sack. I typically wear a cami underneath just for a little more modesty (I have two little kids who love to pull down my tops). For work, I layer a fitted, unbuttoned cardigan over. It gives me a little shape without showing every lump and bump, but I don’t look like I’m wearing a trashbag either.

    Old Navy ALSO has these great foldover-waist skirts in a knee length and a maxi length. I could easily wear these every single day. The black ones are definitely dressy enough for work too.

    Hope that helps a little, the struggle is REAL. 🙁

  2. I too am plus size with a fairly large tummy. I have recently started ordering a LOT of clothes on http://www.eshakti.com. They believe ALL women should look and feel their best. Their clothes go from size 0-36. Along with stock sizes you can customize it. Whether it is changing the length, the neckline or sleeves. But even better you can have it custom made to YOUR measurements. I have ordered a fair amount of clothes off of there and have loved every single piece. Shirts I wear to work to the dress I got for the Christmas party. There quality is also really nice. They use good fabric and the clothes are well made.

    It is a little bit pricey. Your first order you get free customization and after that it is $7.50 per item no matter what type of customization you do. However they are always running sales and sending out coupons. If you hit it right you can score some awesome deals. I got my Christmas party dress, a floor length black velvet gown that was custom sized, for $50 after sales and coupons were added. It was originally $125.

    • I’ve been lurking on the eShakti site for a while now, but they have a LOT of bad reviews online. Have you ever run into problems with them, and if so how have they handled them?

      I am glad that you’re happy with the quality of the items, that was one of my other concerns. Their prices are higher than I can typically afford, but as I’m plus size and tall, sometimes I just have to go for it 🙂

      • I’ve ordered a couple dresses from them and had a great experience! I’ve been lucky enough to fit their standard sizing, so I can’t comment on their sized-to-fit work. The dresses have been true to the measurements listed on their website, fit great and shipping is easy. The quality of the dresses is fairly good. I haven’t had any problems with unraveling seams or shoddy craftmanship, just a couple buttons that are too loose and a couple stray threads, very simple fixes. I would recommend using them!

      • So I’ve bought (I think) 6 dresses from them and ended up returning 2. My overall reaction is that the quality, sizing and craftsmanship can be unpredictable. They have a no-questions-asked replacement or return policy, though they do not refund shipping. They ship from India and shipping can take a long time.
        For the nitty-gritty: I ordered one dress with what should’ve been a really cool pleating detail, but it had been done incorrectly so it just came undone when it was worn. The same dress came with a bustline that was just WAY too big (and I have big boobs) and no apparent reason for that–I ordered the standard size.
        Another dress I got has a long, straight notched neckline and there’s absolutely no support built into it, so the fabric just flaps open. The darting over the boobs was just awful, like a 50s bra. The waistline has zero reinforcement, so it just folds up on itself. It’s still one of my favourite dresses because it’s so huge and colourful–I feel like a cupcake in it!
        A shirt dress I ordered in a heavier weight fabric is perfect in every way. Zero complaints. 10/10. Two more shirt dresses I ordered in a poplin fabric were too thin and very randomly sized so they fit me strangely, but I kept one. A FINAL dress I ordered in jersey was supposed to be structured and every part of it just flopped over like a wilted flower. I returned it.

      • I haven’t had any issues at all. But I haven’t ordered anything in the stock sizes. I have only ever ordered custom made, and that might make the difference. There are a couple shirts that are tight in the arms, but I don’t think I measured in the right spot.

        For Christmas my husband ordered me a really nice wool jacket that was standard sized. The only issue I have had with it is that the buttons fell apart. But that was after daily wear for a month and the button holes were snug.

        Everything I have bought I have really liked and has looked flattering on me. Even cuts of clothing that I normally shy away from (ie empire waistline dresses).

        I would say hit one of their sales with the sign up coupon and get 1 piece and see how it goes. I am short and round so I have just as many issues as tall people it seems.

        The biggest thing is measuring yourself correctly. But that goes with ANY piece of custom made clothing, no matter where you get it from. Like another person said, I sound like an ad for them. I am just really happy with what I have gotten.

      • I’ve had really negative experiences with eShakti. I had to return 3 dresses because they gaped in the boobs or were too tight across them (and I’m a seamstress, so I know how to take my own measurements), and their customer service was horrible. After the third dress return, they just started ignoring me. I love that they put pockets in their dresses, but otherwise, you can do better rolling.

      • I’ve actually been ordering from Eshakti for about 8 months now. I’ve ordered three dresses, a skirt, and two shirts. I’ve done both custom and standard orders and always been happy with the service. I chose to return 1 dress they wasn’t flattering, and got a full refund with no trouble. I also get discount codes via email ALL the time, so whe they are pricey, it’s possible to get good deals when ordering from their buy two get one deals.

      • I ordered 7 dresses from them in one big splurge buy. Luckily, there was a sale on, so $500 worth of dresses cost me (gulp) $300. I have never been happier with a clothing purchase. I am extremely pear-shaped (44-41-54, which comes out to 18W-22W-24W by their size chart), so I ordered the custom-sizing and everything fits me perfectly. I also changed the length and the sleeves on a couple dresses, and they all came in just as I wanted.

        I’d never spent that much on clothing before, so I was really nervous, but it ended up being worth it to me. For the first time (since my skinny high school days), I have clothes that fit and flatter me. I wear one of my “new cute dresses” (in the words of my parents) almost every day.

      • The first time I ordered from Eshakti I had a really bad customer service experience — it took forever for my stuff to arrive and I got very little and not helpful response when I contacted their customer service. However, I have since learned a trick: When you place an order, in the notes section, say you need it by a specific date (two weeks ahead usually works.) I have done this for several subsequent orders and everything has arrived very quickly.

    • I used eshakti for the bridesmaids in my wedding, and I think everyone’s dress turned out GREAT! I know at least one of them took every single measurement and went completely custom.

    • eShakti is the best thing that has happened to me, clothing wise. I’ve ordered custom-fitted dresses, tops, pants and skirts from them, and having clothes that fit me properly has changed the way I feel about myself, fashion, clothes. I get compliments now on my outfits, which really has never happened before.
      It’s worth it to measure yourself properly and do the custom fit option if you don’t fit into standard sizes well. The prices at eShakti are a bit higher than what I would pay in a store, but I feel like I am getting a good value because I *know* the stuff will fit me. My wardrobe, in the past, has been filled with things that were “good deals” but that did not quite fit me right. I am literally building up my wardrobe now to be almost all custom-fitted clothes.
      I sound like an ad for eShakti. I’m really just a very happy customer.

    • I am eShakti OBSESSED! Seriously my whole work wardrobe is eShakti at this point. I own over 10 dresses from them. Yes…Pricier than my normal thrift finds or Target, I would say I average about $50 a dress after discounts. I order their standard size 18 XL. I haven’t had any customer service problems. I’ve returned a couple and got my shipping reimbursed. It takes a bit to get the items but never longer than the stated time. I wish I could upload a picture of me and some lady friends…we all have very different bodies and we all are looking good in our dresses!
      IDK if that will work… the three on the left are all in eShakti.
      I really really love the clothes that company produces. I have never done any research into the conditions at the factories they use. Seriously..hit me up if you want a discount code. THey have a thing where if you order something using my code you get a coupon and then I get a coupon…pretty standard marketing ploy. I don’t work for them, I just love them…Also eShakti…If you are looking for a brand ambassador….I am your girl!

  3. I’m 5’4″, 180.5 lbs, 45-42-45 measurements.
    I don’t buy any clothes labeled curvy as they are usually smaller in the waist and bigger in the hips. I don’t have enough of a difference in between the two. So, I look at ‘modern’ cuts of pants. Currently, I wear Loft’s modern jeans or their Marisa cut stretch work pants. It’s been a trial and error. I wear size 14 in work pants and 16 in jeans.

    I tend to wear looser clothes but with skinny elements. So, skinny pants with a loose flowing shirt. My larger leg work pants with a slimmer fitting top. For example, the sweater I’m wearing today has tight 3/4 sleeves but is looser in the body, so I’m wearing a long tank underneath to make my torso look longer.
    Speaking of tanks, I love the ones from Duluth trading co. They are two inches longer and STAY PUT, so I can show off fun colors as they peek out on my hips. Duluth is also more true to size. I wear a M-L there but an XL everywhere else.

    • I’ll second Duluth! They are one of the few companies that make clothes for women that actually last! I’m pretty hard on clothes between work, hobbies, dogs, and gardening and everything I’ve bought from them holds up really well. Their styles are basic, but they have a good color selection.

    • You just blew my mind with the Duluth tanks. I thought they just had guy clothes. I wear a tank top under everything and my biggest problem is that the get too short after a few washes. (I’m 5’9″) I’m ordering, like, every color of those long tanks right now!

  4. I can’t figure out what type I am but clothes shopping is my nightmare. That being said I’ve been to lots of places and I usually end up at Dress Barn where they have a lot of clothes that make me feel comfortable, almost fashionable (considering I’m not a fashionista), and that flatter me – having a properly fitting bra also *significantly* helps with the fit and flow of my upper garments, despite my round upper and lower bellies with an annoying crease in the middle that doesn’t work with anything.

  5. I think clothes in general are a pain for different types of people. I am short (“petite” 5’2″) and a size 4. So trying to find clothes for short small people is hard too. Some companies (like Old Navy) think that even the short people wear heels, so even the shorts/petite in some brands are still way too long. Also they think that if you are short, then your crotch is short. So some brands I have to stay away from or I will have a camel toe in their short sizes. Dresses are hard, as I still have big boobs for a slender person (thanks mom side of the family), so same thing, brands think if you are a size 4 waist that your boobs are tiny. So I end up having to go to a size 6 or 8, to compensate for my boobs, but then the rest of the dress is too big (luckily I don’t wear dresses too often, like for weddings and Bat/Bar Mitzvah’s).
    I find that Lands End works for me as far as pants. As I can get a regular fit and they can tailor the length of the pant for free. I also find that Lee works too. If I do buy at old navy, I buy the regular capri pants and I find they are long enough to look like regular pants (odd). The rare times I do buy a dress, I find that JC Penney does carry enough dresses to fit my boobs and have a style of dress that won’t make the rest of the me look like I am wearing a tent (unless I want to spend money to get the dress taken in).

  6. I feel ya, but on the other end – Im only 4’8″ so its hard to find clothes that are proportioned correctly…. 🙂

    Since Im on the smaller side, I haven’t used this service, but other friends I know use it and love it…. its called Gwennie Bee – its a plus size clothing subscription box-type thing… you get a stylist and put clothing you like in your virtual closet (I think) and then they send you 3-4 pieces for you to try on and wear – you can then either purchase them or send them back and they will send you some more clothes….

    I like this idea because it means you could try stuff on at home with your own mirror and without the risk of other people seeing you… it also means you could wear an outfit for an entire day to see how you feel in it without spending real money on it, if you don’t like it, turn it in…. plus with trying on different styles it would allow you to really see what works and doesn’t work for you – all without a pushy salesperson standing outside the changing room… 🙂

    Again, no affiliation with this service, Ive just had other friends try it and like it…. and wish they had this for my size

    • I will have to tell my shorter friends about this website. I am lucky that even though I am short (5’2″) and I am in the target range of petite clothing (even though as noted above I have my own issues). But I do have friends that have to buy from the children’s section for clothes and shoes, which is hard when it comes to professional clothing. I think Ann Taylor does have some clothes for 4’7 people, but it is very expensive.

      • I can buy clothes in the kids section as well but I usually don’t as they have no room for boobs and hips/butts, so they don’t often fit… I do better in the juniors sections but a lot of those styles I cant wear b/c Im 36 years old and they just aren’t appropriate anymore… to tell the truth, I usually just go to the thrift store and try on a bunch of stuff…. which is why I would love a service like Gwennie Bee for us shorties… 🙂

    • I’m currently subscribed to Gwynnie Bee and I’m enjoying it. I’ve used it in the past, and I’ve noticed that they’re always upgrading their system and working to make sure the experience is as enjoyable as possible. I think of it like Netflix for clothes–for $35, they send you one piece of clothing at a time. Wear it as long as you like, or pay a discounted price to keep it. My favourite part isn’t so much trying on each particular piece, but better understanding how clothes from different brands fit me. I also like to try pieces of clothing in styles that I ordinarily wouldn’t buy. With the return time on a 1 item subscription, I was getting 1 to 2 new pieces to try in a week’s time, so it really made my office wardrobe much more vibrant.
      GB doesn’t keep many pants. Currently, they have 20 styles total, and that includes tall and capri styles. It’s my biggest complaint with the service.

      • I love Gwynnie!It has been helpful in encouraging me to try styles or prints I would otherwise not buy because they’re trendy (and won’t be worn for long) or don’t match stuff I already own.

  7. What country are you posting from? From the sounds of it, you and I have a very similar body type. I absolutely feel your pain. I’ve been living in Sweden and just found a bunch of cute clothes at a store called New Yorker. They have locations all over Europe. (But if you’re in the US or Canada, I’m afraid that is quite useless)

    When I was in the US I often struggled to find clothes I liked that fit. I had some luck online with shops like ModCloth. I like that they say what size the model is wearing and what her measurements are.

    Hope this helps!

  8. UGGGGGG THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!! I was literally just talking about this yesterday. Tall, flat chested, broad back (try finding a bra that fits, ahahhaahhahahahah!!!), big gut, NO HIPS, smaller butt (for my overall size) and nice, long legs with smaller thighs (again for my overall size). This is EXACTLY why everything with the exception of ill-fitting bras and panties, all of my clothes are men’s…

  9. I’m that “hourglass” girl, but try on tons of stuff at Torrid and Forever 21+ that would look much better on “apple” shapes. Forever 21 obviously isn’t where you go for long lasting pieces, but they have a ton of great summer dresses and they’re so inexpensive that I don’t feel bad buying trendy pieces. Torrid is more on the Lane Bryant price scale and I’ve found their jeans and non-tshirt tops last a while. Plus they do coupons constantly.

  10. Following. I am a pear and have a hard time finding stuff that fits in the waist when I’m standing *and* sitting. I think I’m in love with the eshatki site!

  11. I have had surprisingly great luck at Maurice’s, especially for pants. Their dress pants have a panel and a bit of elastic around the waist, but you would never know it looking at them from the outside. They’re super comfortable and actually flattering.

    • I too have great luck at Maurices! It’s the ONLY place I will buy jeans (Hydrolics ftw!) because they are the only ones that fit my massive thighs without puckering out in the back & being reasonably priced ($40 compared to $80). Even the maurices brand jeans tend to fit me pretty well in certain styles, and those are even cheaper than the hydrolics.

      But I also have pretty good luck with the other clothing too, they seem to carry a wide range of styles for different shapes especially in the work clothes area. (although one of my local stores doesn’t have a plus size dressy section, the other one does, so make sure you look at different stores if you have that option)

  12. Personal experience on what NOT to buy – stay the fuck away from Empire waist. We look pregnant. BIG BELLIES LOOK PREGNANT IN EMPIRE WAIST. I don’t care what the fuck the fashion designers say, they all use skinny models, even in their “plus-size range”. Real plus-size bellies look pregnant in Empire waist.

    I’d post up my empire waist wedding gown photos as proof – people were asking me if we had to move the wedding up, and I had no idea what they meant until I saw the photos. Seriously, stay the fuck away from Empire waist anything.

    As for my clothes, I do trial and error at the thrift shop. Most tags are cut out, so I can’t even tell you what brand works best. Big bellies should never wear Empire waist, low-rise pants, or solid colors over the torso. You want stuff to define your waist, so belts are good (if you’re into belts), tucking shirts into trousers (yes, it’s okay to), and figure hugging tops with a bit of stretch work. Don’t try the matte jersey stuff (the really drapey, stretchy material), but something that has about 5% spandex in it works wonders in keeping things fitted and comfortable.

    Good luck in your shopping, and remember the most important rule: stay away from the Empire waist.

    • I have a big belly, my wedding dress was empire waist, and I did not look pregnant. Empire waist + flowy bottom = looks pregnant, but for me anyway, empire waist + fitted bottom half = pretty flattering.

    • I agree that empire waists are a complete disaster – even skinny girls often look terrible wearing them. I am fairly tall but short in the waist with an apple belly. Neither regular or plus sized dresses ever seemed to fit right. Then I discovered that sometimes a petite top or dress will fit better, whether in misses or plus sizes. Petites have a little higher natural waistline making them a bit fuller at the belly without having the maternity look of the empire cut. I have to stick with short or 3/4 sleeves because long sleeves in a petite will always be too short for me. I had stopped wearing dresses and was limited to skirts until I discovered this. It seems crazy for a tall girl to try on petites, but it opened up a lot more options for me.

    • It REALLY depends on your shape. I have a big belly, and big boobs, and empire waists make me look thinner! I also wear sweetheart neckline, V-neck, or similar, to keep the eye moving downward. And princess seams rock, and color blocking really helps…just small visual details.
      Be aware there’s a wide range of what people consider empire waist- babydoll, which hits just under the boobs is NOT EMPIRE. And will, in my experience, make you look pregnant, or three years old.

    • I think it depends– I’m an apple shape and I actually look pretty good in Empire waist (because it hides the round tummy), so I’ll often seek them out. They’re also really nice for avoiding “this top is obviously too short-waisted” problem, which I suffer from immensely because I’m 6’4″. I actually DO seek out maternity things because they’re made to flatter round bellies… so they actually look pretty good. (This is limited to t-shirts basically, because god knows tall and maternity don’t actually mix on any sort of venn diagram.)

      I mostly shop at Old Navy/Gap online, and I’ve also had some luck with ModCloth before too. I also shop at Alloy online a lot, although their customer service is not fantastic and the quality can be quite cheap (but they’re the only place out there that sells 39″ inseam pants for less than 100$– yay lack of options!!!). There’s no real secret for me, though– if I find something that fits well, I’ll get it in multiple colors, so I have a random assortment of stuff.

  13. OMG Igigi! They have a shape guide that will take you step by step through your specific body shape and find clothing that will fit and flatter. Even if you don’t buy from them (but do, because the quality is great and the customer service is beyond terrific) looking at the pieces they recommend will help you shop for similar items at other stores. Torrid and Kiyonna have been mentioned, but also check out Avenue. QVC and HSN have some really great plus sized clothing. I know! Dude… I KNOW! You do have to search through a lot of junk, but there are some slam-dunks -just try to see the pieces rather than the whole look.
    I’ve actually grown to love shopping online because then I have the clothing in my house, taking my shoes off on my own carpet, looking at pieces with the other garments I already own, so I can have a realistic idea of how they will fit in with everything else.

  14. I find similar issues when shopping- I am more pear shaped though. However, I love Torrid. They have, as others have said, a slightly more edgy style, but their stuff isn’t just a big tent. Sometimes, Catherine’s will have some nicer dresses, but you have to be careful there, as a lot of their stuff tends to be square and/or baggy. Lane Bryant is nice, or can be, again, as long as you’re careful. And within their size range. I am like one or two sizes out of their range. I used to find things at Fashion Bug, and at Avenue, though I don’t shop there as much as I used to.

  15. I am half apple/ 1/4 pear and 1/4 hourglass lol. I have 44 g boobs, a 38 in natural waist, 48 in middle waist and 52 inch hips. After my c section the ab muscles were cut and never healed properly so now my lower belly has got the hang. Which adds to both my midsection and my hips.

    I find torrid tops are awesome and the peplum tops work nicely for fitting the bigger belly like a regular shirt. I am wearing the new Ava and Viv jeans from target and they are awesome! A little long cause I am super short (5’3) and the size 26 are only sold in the store in a 32″ length. But at $7 a pair to get altered it was worth it! I also have found cute clothes at Macy’s through their Inc line. I agree on old navy’s tank tops (i can wear a xxl but I like cleavage) and Lane Bryant is good for certain things (leggings, tights and some shirts or dresses)

    Ultimately I found it was a lot of trial and error. I don’t wear skinny jeans cause they don’t look good on me, buy my basics at outlets and splurge on some nicer items I can mix with others

  16. For pieces that are long-lasting enough to be worth it, I got a seamstress to tailor fit clothes. She is talented, her prices are good, and she it completely worth the 30 minute drive! Obviously it would be better to just be able to find things that fit, but when I can’t it is soooo nice to be able to alter clothing.

  17. I have trouble finding clothes that don’t show off my belly or making me look like a refrigerator. Most of the tops I wear are St. Johns Bay from JC Penney and Sonoma Life and Style from Kohls. I have a lot of the same things, but in different colors.

  18. I think it is a challenge for all body types to find clothes that fit. I am 5’2″, plus size and curvy. Even the “Curvy” fit pieces usually still gape at the waist on me. Finding a good selection in plus size, petit length pants is a pain, and hemming regular length pants is not going to work because the waist line is half way up my rib cage. Unless t-shirts are a curvy cut I look like I am wearing a giant sack, and for some reason they seem to think that all plus size women have giant arms, I generally find the arm holes to be way too big.
    You just have to try on a lot of clothes and buy the ones that fit you the best and consider having minor alterations done if needed.
    I am not convinced there are any perfect options out there for any body type.

  19. I love Torrid but stay away from the empire! And I love Maurices. Their jeans are awesome for my size 22 round belly flat butt. Maurice’s has their own brand but also Vigoss which are never fail good jeans. I also find the sales girls really helpful. I can spout a brand/ style from years ago ant they are like ” those are discontinued but try these” I always have luck there.

  20. I’ve had a lot of good luck with fit-and-flare dresses. You just have to try some on and get a good cut that works for you. But the foof of the skirt does good things for me–widening my hips while decreasing attention on my waist.

    The Starfish collection from Land’s End has also been very kind to me. I have some great pants from that line that are high-waisted but not too big in the butt or legs.

    • I second fit and flare dresses. I don’t hate my shape, but I do like being able to look like I have a waist and full hips. When I was younger I thought dresses didn’t look good on me, but that’s because none I ever tried on had waistlines. My only problem is that I’m tall and many fit and flares end up kind of empire-like on me – so I stay away from buying them online unless a tall option is available.

  21. I’m plus size with a belly too, and I find that for tops, the two most flattering purveyors of tops are LL Bean and for work clothes, the Worthington line at JC Penney (Ann Klein at Macy’s also made at least one shirt that looks dynamite on me). With Worthington, everything is basically that stretchy, slightly shiny fabric popular with work clothes but cut well, and with LL Bean you have to be careful of their clothing that only comes in Grandma colors, but they have both served me well.

    LL Bean also makes a great pair of black “perfect fit” pants that look like regular pants but are actually stretchy, and stretchy Merino wool sweaters that I love. Their cashmere fits gorgeously – I usually wear an XL but their cashmere stuff I buy in L.

    • I LOVE the Worthington line!!! They have the most flattering dress pants.
      I also have a few pairs of a.n.a. jeans that I bought several years ago at JCP. I’ve worn them just about every other day since them and they’re still in amazing shape! I’ve never had jeans that lasted so long.

  22. I love Maurices. Their jeans are awesome for my size 22 round belly flat butt. Maurice’s has their own brand but also Vigoss which are never fail good jeans. I also find the sales girls really helpful. I can spout a brand/ style from years ago ant they are like ” those are discontinued but try these” I always have luck there. I enjoy Torrid too but STAY AWAY FROM THE EMPIRE! Somebody tried to rub my food baby once…. Talk about awkward.

    • BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AHHHH!!! I just burst out laughing at work in our very quiet office… That is probably the most hilarious thing ever. I am so glad that has not happened to me, but now I’m going to be worried about and probably giggle like crazy every time I think about it… I bet that person never asks to touch a pregnant woman’s belly again (and I would hope they wouldn’t be so presumptuous anyway!).

      Anyway, thank you for brightening up my day. I am still chuckling….

    • That happened to me and I’m a US size 6.

      What’s worse is that when I told the grabby-touchy person* that this was a food baby, she said:
      “Oh! Well, you better get started! You’re no spring chicken anymore!**”
      The people in this world! Inconceivable!

      *retail person I had never seen before.
      **then 32, looking ~27.

  23. I’m 5’8″ and somewhere between a size 18 and 22. I clock in at 280lbs with a fairly square shape- like to pretend i have a waist somewhere but…*sigh*

    lane bryant offers what i call “fat girl clothes” they’re boxy, not tailored, and always make me feel fancy frumpy. not great. their clothes are the ones in my closet that i hate to give away because the price, but hate to wear because they make me feel terrible.

    Torrid has great fashionable stuff but almost all the shirts i’ve bought from them have torn within 6 months. not great wear to $$ ratio.

    If you have a Ross Dress for Less they have great tops and cami’s but you have to be willing to look. I’ve also found some great dresses there. AND BRAS- oh my heavens. They only go up to a 44DD so not an option for everyone, but at $10 per bra vs $50 for a Lane Bryant they last just as long and fit just as well (also, Delta Burke underwear are freaking fantastic).

    YES, a million times YES to Maurice’s for jeans- especially if you have to buy tall sizes. Avoid the store brand- the waistlines have very little give and the quality isn’t as great (buttons popping off within a few months).

    Sourpussclothing.com or jackdawlanding.com have GORGEOUS rockabilly dresses and clothes in plus sizes that i can’t get enough of.

    ModCloth is great and i appreciate their sizing charts.

    If you don’t mind shopping in a store where you can buy horse tack with your clothes almost any general store, North40, or western wear store will have great durable blue jeans (again in tall sizes) and great shirts from pearlsnap shirts to just basic LONG sleeved tees. (yes, i go from rockabilly to pearsnap and everywhere in between).

    Old Navy is fine, but wears out fast. I personally can’t stand JC Penny, CJ Banks, Ann Taylor, or Macy’s- most of their stuff is too stuffy/school marm-ish for my taste.

    I don’t know any specific brands/stores, but there’s TONS of stuff on pinterest (as well as ideas on how to mix/match what you already have. pinterest is a great idea resource for me!).

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