Gay, straight, furries & Benedict Cumberbatch: My top 5 favorite sexy comic blogs

Guest post by Nya
Excerpt from Jess Fink's guest comic on Oh Joy Sex Toy.
Excerpt from Jess Fink‘s guest comic on Oh Joy Sex Toy.

We’ve talked about sexy books before, but I don’t think there was ever a sexy comic blogs round-up. Since we all need a good online porn comic from time to time, here are my favorite.

There is a metric ton of adult content out there, but I’m aiming for smut which pictures positive, consensual, fun sexy times, and stays clear of the usual pitfall of classic porn (sexism and woman degradation, I’m talking about you).

Disclaimer: these are basically porn blogs. As in, reaaally not safe for work blogs. Even if some plot pages seems fairly inconspicuous, others will make your boss raise an eyebrow or two (“Is that a giant leather-clad elven dick I just saw on your screen?”).

1. Chester 5000 by Jess Fink

This is a gem. Set in Victorian times, it centers around the relationship between a lonely wife and her handy (pun intended) robot. The art is gorgeous, the steampunk robot is endearing, the smut is hot (as it must be). And it’s not only about robots, as humans do shag together pretty well, too. Updates are sparse but there’s already enough quantity to get you going.

It’s for you if you’re into: straight, bi, robot, multiplayers, steampunk

2. Forbidden Flora, by PK

Maybe my favorite when it comes to art. PK uses incredibly vibrant palettes to bring to life sexy, playful, and consensual furries who might or might not be hermaphrodites. It’s not for everyone, but you have to admit there’s real visual talent here.

It’s for you if you’re into: furries

3. Alfie, by InCase

This comics gets better by the page, and it was already quality stuff to begin with. This a smut comics for all of us who like heroic-fantasy worlds, with pretty elven boys and gorgeous halflings and of course, a decent-sized human or two. Refreshingly, the artist makes the story enthralling, funny and works as much on smut as on character development and art. Daily updates when a chapter is on, short hiatuses (couple of weeks) between chapters.

You can also check InCase’s Tumblr, for work-in-progresses and hermaphrodites.

It’s for you if you’re into: straight, bi, light BDSM, heroic-fantasy, leather-clad elves

4. Oh Joy Sex Toy

Oh Joy Sex Toy is not a fiction comic blog, but it still features the occasional guest sexy comics amidst weekly sex toys review and sex-ed advice. I absolutely love how dedicated the author is to try every sex toy out there, from the mighty Hitachi wand to more experimental toys you’ve never heard about. Updates on Tuesdays.

It’s for you if you’re into: toys, straight, gay, bi

5. Butt Then, ReaperSun

This might be a stretch, but if you’re a fan of the BBC TV show Sherlock, you already know the one, the only: ReaperSun, incredibly talented artist which brought to life many Johnlock fantasies, or fueled them. This is a shipper’s heaven.

No clue what I’m talking about? Her fan-fiction art centers around Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, BBC-style. She pictures the characters played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman with amazing skills and stays true to the spirit of the TV show: British humor, sociopathy, murders.

Under the NSFW tag, you’ll find quite a lot of sexy Star Trek stuff, too. Hmm, Spock. Guess I have a soft spot for logical, cold, insensitive alien-looking guys.

If reading porn involving real-life people (even if it’s in character) isn’t for you, her SFW art is amazing.

It’s for you if you’re into: gay, fluff, Benedict Cumberbatch

These are my favorites. Now I want to hear about your own favorite smutty, sexy comic blogs.

Comments on Gay, straight, furries & Benedict Cumberbatch: My top 5 favorite sexy comic blogs

  1. Nice to see Oh Joy, Sex Toy mentioned on here! I’m a big Erika Moen fan (I found out about her when she was on Strip Search – which has nothing to do with stripping, ha!), and though I’m not always a regular reader of her comic, I love the sex- and body-positive tone. Her sex-ed comics are really informative and well-presented, too.

  2. I haven’t read any of these (can’t wait to get started!) but I like a lot. It’s generally not from a woman’s point of view, but I’ve never found it degrading or squicky.

  3. is all sexy comics written by women, and it has a beautiful range of genders, pairings and groups, types of sex happening, etc. You do have to pay for a subscription, about $8/month, but I have found it to be worth the cost! 🙂

  4. No Oglaf? For shame! It’s basically porn-comedy set in a fantasy land, and I love that it caters for all kinds of sexualities and kinks. Not to mention, it features all kind of body shapes – you don’t have the standard cookie-cutter of big-breasts/narrow waist for every female character, you have all kinds of bodies featured throughout the comic. It’s definitely a lot of fun (and written by a woman!).

    Oh, and another AMAZING sexy comic to get into is Sunstone by Stjepan Šejić. It’s a sincere love-story between two women as they explore a BDSM relationship, and it is gorgeous, both visually and in terms of story telling. No fan service here, this is a gorgeous comic to get into.

  5. Oh, oh, I know, I know! (I read almost all of the above mentioned ones regularly, especially Chester, Oh Joy, and Sunstone (here’s the link for Sunstone, by the way: Try Go Get a Roomie ( – the art improves massively) for lesbians, asexual, aromantic, trans, bisexual, polyamorous, etc characters (and bewbs & beer). I also like the queer spectrum (smutty and romantic) comics on Elsewhere ( is a good oglaf-like once-a-week straight up smut story, although more directed at women, and there’s a great list of general queer comics (many of them smutty) on Happy reading!

  6. This is a fun post, but I’m super uncomfortable with the ReaperSun fanfic stuff. I’m fine with fanfic in general, and even fanfic erotica when the written word is used and not images, because then we all just use our imaginations and it’s the characters we are visualizing, not the actors (if that makes any sense). But when pictures are drawn of the characters, I can’t help thinking that these are very realistic representations of actual people. To put myself in Benedict Cumberbatch’s shoes, how would I feel about strangers turning me into a character in porn/erotica without my knowledge or consent?

    • I feel the same. A few years ago I was at Comic Con and attended a panel with Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, for those of you not in the know). He was asked how he felt about Harry Potter fanfic, and he understandably admitted that some of it creeped him out. I couldn’t say I blamed him, really.

      That said, I am looking forward to finding some time to check out some of those other blogs.

  7. I was having a minor freak out because I wanted to read Alfie, but I couldn’t remember what the name of the comic was, so I came here, but then I couldn’t find the post (webcomic, not web comic) Glad I found it again!

    And if anyone wanted to do a part 2, I’d be into that…

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