Baby + Jack Skellington outfit = Christmas miracle

Updated Oct 12 2015

I know y'all loooove you some Locked Illusions Photography — we get emails at least twice a month asking if we have Brittany's biz listed in our directory yes (psst… the answer is YES!). Brittany wouldn't be Brittany if she didn't push your sense of holiday spirit to the max, and she's serving up something super special this season.

As part of her original goal to shoot children in Tim Burton-themed sessions (remember the Sweeney Todd photos?), Brittany's finished her second installment: a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed baby fest that I LOVE:
All photos by Locked Illusions Photography.

Dare I call him dapper? I believe I dare.
Something I love about Brittany's work is that you still see the sweet little kids underneath everything.
Aaaaaaaaaand scene. Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  1. CUTE!! (and a bit creepy all rolled into one!) My little guy who's almost 3 is OBSESSED with Halloween and the Nightmare Before Christmas, this is totally up his alley 🙂

  2. Those pictures are beautifully done and super interesting, but I have to say that babies made up to look dead make me so incredibly uncomfortable. They're gorgeous until I think about them, though.

  3. This is my son Gianni. I just want to say we were so happy with the photos. he had a great time taking them. Atomic Stitches whipped up this outfit for us in no time and working with Brit of locked Illusions was so great!!! I cant wait to do it again soon!

    • Did you make this costume. I really want my grandson to be Jack but I cant find a costume. Please help me. Thank you very much

  4. Cuuute!! We dressed our son in a Jack Skellington suit for his first Christmas pictures when he was six months old. Definitely better than a sweatervest and khakis 😉

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