Draw on your tablecloth again and again

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More like BRILLIANT idea of the day! The reusable doodle-able washable table cloth. Fun for dinner parties, kiddos, and, most importantly:


5’x6′, comes with eight markers.

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Comments on Draw on your tablecloth again and again

  1. That is awesome! 😀

    Theres a resturant over here (Old Orleans) that has white paper table cloths and provides every table with crayons, which always seems to be a bit hit.

    This one looks just as awesome, with the added benefit of practical uses thanks to the grid squares.

  2. Oh! Bonus use: if you’re an arty type you could do custom designs for dinner parties.

    Maybe give each person a themed ‘placemat’ with their name and stuff they like or theme the whole thing for your party.

  3. a big THANK YOU from a fellow gamer! I also play D&d and I always love these tips!!
    My husband checks OBH often to check the sweet articles as well.

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