Gamers need lovin' too!: How to love and live with a Gamer

My husband is a gamer. Not a random "whenever I'm feelin' it" kind of thing, but a serious GAMER. I, on the other hand, am most assuredly not. I know we can't be the only couple out here like this. It's inevitable in this day and age of gaming there are multitudes of gamer/non-gamer couples. Yet every single person I know has asked me at least once "How does that even work? If he's always on [insert game here] how is your relationship not suffering?!" Well, there are some very decidedly nice perks about gamers…


Draw on your tablecloth again and again

More like BRILLIANT idea of the day! The reusable doodle-able washable table cloth. Fun for dinner parties, kiddos, and, most importantly: FUN TIMES FOR TABLE TOP GAMING.


Throw this party: A Nerdy Thirty birthday party

About two weeks before my 30th birthday, someone reminded me that my "dirty thirty" was coming up soon. To which Aaron, that guy I married, responded: "With Megan, it's more like her nerdy thirty." And thus, a theme was born!

This is how I pulled off one hell of an awesome Nerdy Thirty birthday theme with only two weeks to plan, and with a little help from my friends.