Pushba's son turns 1 with the most awesome birthday cake I've ever seen

Updated Oct 12 2015
All photos by Pushba.

The last time anyone mentioned Ariel's fave Russian goth mom Pushba was back in October when Ariel actually met her, so I figured it was time for an update… and what a good one it is. Pushba's son, Elisey, recently celebrated his first birthday, and the party was an amazing soiree filled with kiddos, bright colors… and a big blue cake with a baby on top.

Waaaaake up!
His older sister, Lada, looking ever-so-fab.
I'm in love with this cake.. even the little baby on top of it.

You can get in on even more birthday fun at Pushba's blog.

    • My niece's baptism cake had THE CREEPIEST little plastic baby on it.

      But Pushba's baby (marzipan baby? Please tell me it's a marzipan baby) is amaaaazing!

  1. Anyone else reckon Pushba's growing her hairline forward a bit in this pic? Either way, it looks good, but change is good too, I like it. Also, love the glasses!

    The children are cute too 😉

  2. how is this lady famous? i think her and her family are awesome, but what is it that makes her famous? is she a goth model? does she have her own line of clothes? what to her and her husband do for a living to where they are so well known, cause no one can be goth for a living lol. cool cake btw.

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