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How can I gussy up my kitchen table?

This is my kitchen table. It was given to my husband by his parents when he bought his first bachelor’s pad (now our family home), and it is a good one that performs all of its table-related duties. I am grateful for it, especially considering it is the only one we have. But sometimes I wish it was more … special. Besides a tablecloth, what are some ways I could gussy up this table and make it more uniquely ours?

Steal this fabulous Halloween table setting idea

Thanks to Tatum Witter (who’s no stranger to awesome gothic home decor) for uploading this fabulous table setting to our Flickr pool. Let’s analyze and break it down for your next dinner party designs, shall we?…

Reader Round-up: Puppies, tentacles, home decor, and LA picnics

Remember Offbeat Home’s reader round-ups? I’m bringing it back y’all! We finally have enough Homies submitting enough pics to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool to do more round-ups now and then. Included in this round-up we have a good idea to help change your eating habits, a kitchen moment that makes me particularly happy, more bathroom tentacles, and a peak into how I spent this past weekend…

3 steps to vintage-ifying a brand new dresser

I really wanted a dresser in my dining room. But my husband struggled with the concept of painting a potentially old and lovely piece of wooden furniture, so my next idea was to buy new and make that look antique by using this three-step process.

Avoid the dining room nightmare: 3 tips for buying new dining chairs

Seven years ago when I started college, I bought some cheap Ikea chairs. Starting last year, one by one, they started to give in. For $25 per chair, I can say they ended up being a pretty good buy — but I decided I was ready to go upscale a bit and buy myself furniture that I would really love. And just like that, I got caught in the unexpectedly wild adventure of buying new chairs for my dining room. So I thought I’d share with you my newly acquired expertise on buying chairs for your dinning room, you know, to at least save you the therapy fees.

Monday Moment: Minimalist, electric blue, Buddhist dining space

Does your rug match your artwork? Thinking of bringing a bit of Buddhism into your decor? This moment will make you think about doing BOTH those things.

Monday Moment: punk rock walls surround this makeshift dining room

Thanks to Tina for uploading her favorite moment in her home — her dining room. Yes, that table and vinyl chairs are amazeballs, but it’s what’s on the walls around ’em that really make this moment kick ass and take names.

A retro dining room & kitchen makeover with ’50s style & chalkboard paint

You often see home makeovers going from retro to more traditional upgrades. Which often makes me sad, because I’m BIG into retro kitchens and living rooms. But Jenn Fletcher from BlondeShot Creative took her dining room and kitchen from “perfectly fine” to “perfectly AWESOME” with retro makeovers.