Alice Lasertron's Montessori-inspired bedroom will rock your world

Updated Oct 12 2015

Offbeat Empire fave Princess Lasertron has graced us with another faboo creation — baby Alice's positively adorable bedroom! (Psst! You can read her birth story here)

Says Megan: "This week I have spent a lot of time at my local library […] one block away from my house […] I have been reading books about Montessori and Waldorf education philosophies and I just love it."

Here are a few additions/ideas that Megan came up with for Alice's room:

  • A mat on the floor for sleeping: "I like it because it is still a dedicated place for sleep, but Alice is free to leave the bed herself (and get back in bed) without getting hurt. I have so many quilts to use that are stacked up in my closet and this is the perfect way to use those too. This one in my favorite colors was made by Rachel Denbow."
  • Hanging a wall pocket organizer for Alice’s personal items to de-clutter the dresser top: "Right now it holds her two pairs of shoes, baby Tylenol, diaper wash, tiny washcloths (we use them as wipes), rash ointment, aspirators, lotion, clips for her diapers, and massage oil. I got the organizer in the dollar section at Target!"
  • Removing a lot of toys and clutter: "From now on I plan to have certain toys in certain places in the house so there is variety wherever Alice is playing, but not an overwhelming amount."
  • Putting rolled-up towels under her changing table and dresser to keep things from rolling underneath: "Advice to parents — don’t pick baby furniture with space underneath!"

You can see more photos of this dream room (seriously, I'm contemplating moving in) at Princess Lasertron.