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12 special floral couches to inspire your living room design

I was thrilled to find a small vintage floral couch on Craigslist that the family was basically giving away. It probably shouted “my moms couch from the 80s” to some, but to me she screamed “design your living room around me!” In honor of that couch, here are a few “inspirational seating options” that I found on Chairish (my favorite place to find vintage home decor) that could easily inspire your next living room design…

Exhuming love

Sometimes on my walks, I even leave my phone at home.…I KNOW! Lately, I’ve been trying to imagine my phone in my hand as a strong cocktail — do I really need to take this cocktail on a walk with me? Yikes. Do I really need to have this cocktail in my hand while I’m hugging my son? Eep. Is 7am really a good time for a cocktail? Barf.

Gift your friends an early start on festival gear with these dried flower crowns

Over on Offbeat Bride, we featured a whole slew of fanciful dried flower crowns for weddings that can easily be worn every day, at closer-than-you-think spring and summer festivals, and wherever you like. Like, sitting on your couch eating cheesy poofs looking magical AF. Here’s a quick preview of some of my faves…

dorotea: Cover your kitchen in gardens of flora with this nature-themed dishware

Cover your kitchen in gardens of flora with this nature-themed dishware

I spied an Amazon-exclusive dishware line by Seattle-based Carolina Silva, called Dorotea, and fell into a fantasy of rose tea and scone-filled mornings in my sunlit kitchen. But it can actually be that adorable in your house! All of the floral and nature-themed dishware patterns are hand-drawn, and the colors are a muted and gorgeous throwback to pastels from the ’70s and ’80s — but with way more subtlety.

Gorgeous ganga: These marijuana floral arrangements are dope!

Have you ever smoked pot, and while stoned thought, “Duuuude, what if we made marijuana floral arrangements out of these buds?” If you have, you’re going to flip the fuck out of these images from a styled shoot on our sister site Offbeat Bride. If you haven’t, you will now…

Buy YOURSELF flowers to make a good impression on your new neighbors

In the midst of moving, and un-packing and re-organizing our lives, I didn’t think much of the flower boxes. I hung the them from the balcony rails and tried to remember to water them. Without my knowing, those straggly flowers paved the way to good neighbor relations…

Get a giant perfume bottle vase without cutting glass

Doesn’t everybody love Dior? I cut the front from an old perfume box and glued it to a glass vase, for an over-sized perfume bottle effect.

Rescuing already-sprouted tulip bulbs

A spell of weirdly warm weather got me rummaging around in my little gardening closet, and I stumbled across something that would fill any home gardener with horror. I’d completely forgotten that I had bought a bunch of tulip and hyacinth bulbs late last summer.