Shop Clockwork Couture for an elegant Halloween and timeless home decor

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New sponsor Clockwork Couture is all about looking good in timeless clothes. They come to us just in time for Halloween, so even if you don’t travel in a Victorian two piece traveling suit like this one, you might be interested in some of the pieces you need to become a wickedly witchy woman of the wild wild west.

Clockwork Couture’s got full-on steampunk ensembles and loads of individual pieces for gentlemen and ladies, including shoes, jewelry, and oh, the accessories! I’m talking about perfumes, absinthe soaps, and art, decor, and curio boxes for your less-than-modern home.

Let’s shop.

For the ladies

Satin Dinner Waistcoat for ladies

Clockwork Couture has a really nice group of “add on” pieces — stuff like this dinner waistcoat that you can add to pieces you’ve already got to give your outfit an edge.

Or like this:

Guess who

These are Megan’s boobs, and this is Megan sporting an underbust harness. I’ll be wearing one of these at the Offbeat Empire panel at Geek Girl Con and it will be cuuuuuuuuuute.

I was going to talk about another of corsets, lingerie, blouses and skirts that Clockwork offers, but then I saw the shoes. Clockwork’s got a LOT OF SHOES and they are AFFORDABLE and also HOT and even vegan-friendly.

Blimps Over Berlin boots

If you need a pair of knee-high boots — and who doesn’t! — the Blimps Over Berlin boots have just a bit of a heel and they lace up the back, balancing out the zipper and buckles with a hint of always-sexy corsetry. Did I mention they list for under $70?

And seriously, browse Clockwork’s clothing for yourself. They have a great selection — and good coverage of plus sizes! — even the tomboy in me found lots to love.

For the Home

Clockwork Couture has a mess of magazines, art, sculpture, journals, clocks, and curio boxes for your home…or amazing conversation piece gifts for other’s homes! This section of the shop is so ripe for gift shopping.

I love this clockwork mouse!

If you really want to fall for this shop, it’s important to note that Clockwork Couture believes in looking good and doing good — they use their whuffie to lead the charge for rotating charities, and the shop itself is home base for fostering previously un-loved animals.

Browse Clockwork Couture’s Halloween section for ideas on your costumes for this year, and don’t miss the Accessories section, either.

Post script from Ariel: I swung by Clockwork Couture’s showroom when I was in LA last weekend, and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about this amazing flask that Megan got for me there:

Empire flask

I had this flask with me for my weekend of socializing and visiting, and I kid you not: every single time I pulled it out to take a sip, conversation ground to a complete halt as everyone gaped at it. I know I’m biased because my company name has the word “Empire” in it — but seriously, this little flask is one of those accessories that demands attention. Gorgeous and useful and just sort of magicpants. Check it out.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I STRONGLY recommend a visit to Clockwork Couture’s Burbank, CA showroom. Seriously. it looks like this:

At clockwork couture

But for those of us who don’t live in LA … let’s go internet shopping NOW.

Comments on Shop Clockwork Couture for an elegant Halloween and timeless home decor

    • I have been considering the sueded corset! My one hesitation is that I’m rawther busty, and I don’t want to be serving up my bosom on a platter every time I wear it (okay, at least not gratuitously so; to a certain extent that’s what corsets are FOR.) Can you speak to the fit/look of it?

      • Ooh ooh, I’m the perfect person to answer this! I have some big ‘ol boobies (mine are the DD’s in the harness pictured above, in the post) and I’m DEFINITELY well aware of being all “hi, these are my boobs and … oh yeah … the rest of me too.” But I tell you, that corset made me feel busty (obviously) but never self conscious about it. Really good coverage, and you can totally adjust how much your boobs stand up and say high by how tight you make it. I love it love it LOVE IT.

  1. Hey! That first photo is the book cover model for the character Alexia in the Soulless series by Gail Carriger. Guess we now know who the publishers use for their cover costumes!

  2. I have two shirts by them and I get compliments on them all the time! In my experience their sizes run small, though. I think there’s a size chart so you can be sure before you order. The shirts I have are two of my favorite work shirts though and I know I’d have more if budget allowed.

    • You say “work shirts”. Are they the engineer shirts? If so, can you tell me how long you find them to be (I’ve got a long torso, and hate shirts that cut off too soon). Sorry to nose in, I’m just really excited.

  3. I want the beekeeper boots, and the suede corset, and the cotton corset, and those other boots, and those other boots, too, and I really really need it RIGHT NOW.

    good thing I don’t have a credit card. 😛

  4. Say what!! I was just thinking about my need for boots, and what a pain in the ass it was going to be to find non-leather ones. Those are way nicer lookingthan I was picturing, and astoundingly cheap.

  5. I have an awesome pair of boots from them (and yeah, they did run small, but they warned you first), and everyone always thinks they are real leather, and everyone loves them! The Ren Faire folks keep complimenting me on them, and they are comfy enough to wear all day there too! 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry to report that it appears Clockwork Couture has closed its brick and mortar as well as its website. So sad, I really wanted to check them out.

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