What are your favorite non-cheesy Halloween costume ideas for pregnant folks?

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This year on Halloween I will be 34 weeks pregnant. Any ideas for a fun or scary halloween costume other than the typical shot-gun bride or pregnant nun? — Sam

HOLY SHIT, do I ever love this question! I was pregnant on Halloween 2008, but only two or so months in — so this didn’t really apply. However, I have seen some very stellar Halloween costumes donned by pregnant women — including this Death Star costume Siouxzi rocked:

Darth Vader and the Death Star

I have a few other favorites up my sleeve…

A Pregnant Pause

A pregnant pause is often used in comedy to build up suspense — if you have no idea what I’m talking about, Wikipedia explains it. I LOVE this idea, and it’s dead simple: dress in all black, and paint a white pause symbol on the part of your top that will go over your belly. TA-DA! You just rocked Halloween and all you really had to do was get knocked up and wield a paintbrush.

A Fishbowl

Ok, so my husband suggested this, and I was about to shoot it down when he added “You could have a baby in there with a snorkel on.” I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Someone attempt this and send us photos, PLEASE.

Celestial/Alien beings

Planets are pretty obvious: you can take your pick (or even represent for Pluto! R.I.P.) OR go for a “solar system” theme. You know, why be one planet when you could be the sun and dangle eight planets around you? It might get a little tricky depending on what it is you plan on actually DOING on Halloween, but it may be worth a shot. Similar ideas include dressing as the moon, the sun without the planets, or… I don’t know, a comet. THINK SPACE!

This most definitely is not everything — what did you guys dress up as when you were pregnant?

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  1. One year, my wife and I went to a Halloween party dressed as clergy. I was a priest, and my wife was a very pregnant nun. It was a pretty fun gag. Some of the people at the party who did not even know we were expecting thought that the belly was fake too.

  2. This year I am due two weeks before Halloween. But with my first, in 2008, I was 7 months and I went as Juno. Only problem was I looked too much like myself and most people didn’t realize I was in costume until I told them.

  3. I was 8 mo. pregnant at halloween a couple years ago, and I dressed up as a beauty queen (tiara and heels & everything) and made myself a sash that said “Miss Abstinence 2008”.

    Pretty much brought the house down.

    • A friend of mine (she wasn’t pregnant at the time) did this costume when we were at college the year Obama was elected: she got a big white t-shirt and used a balloon for the pregnancy belly. On her chest she wrote “Sarah Palin’s Baby”, and on the balloon she wrote “Sarah Palin’s Grandbaby”. It probably wouldn’t be as funny now, but at the time everyone got a big kick out of it. It required almost no effort, too.

  4. I love the miss abstinence!!!! Makes me re think our costumes for this year. We always have to consider heat for our costumes south Florida is still wwwwway hot. This would keep me cool…. Cool preggo= happy preggo

  5. When I was pregnant with my first child my husband and I were the blues brothers. He was Elwood, and I was Jake. Just some shades, a suit, hat and some sideburns. It was really cool.

  6. I was overdue last year at Halloween and had not given one thought about a costume, but fortunately my older children had many thoughts on the subject. (My six year old actually suggested a whale but quickly realized that was not a good idea). Anyway, I took a white t-shirt, put it on, and my husband made the outline of a globe/ the continents– then the kids decorated it. I was Mother Earth. It was pretty cute.

  7. i had a friend that was zombied out, wore a hospital gown with blood all over it and sat in a wheel chair. then she had an umbilical cord coming out of her seat attached to a bloody zombie baby. pretty sweet

    • I had a friend who did an Alien-style chestburster coming out of the belly – ripped and bloodied white maternity shirt over second shirt with baby Alien attached. 🙂

  8. I guess I’m not all that concerned with tying the pregnancy into the costume, just making sure it fits!
    I like Dr Seuss Characters and the belly is just part of –
    The Grinch
    Thing 1
    The Cat in the Hat

  9. I didn’t bother with costuming last year when I was pregnant (about 29 weeks, I think). Thanksgiving (celebrated in October here in Canada) had totally worn me out, and I barely had any regular clothes that fit, let alone anything costume-y. It felt weird not to be dressed up all day, as I’ve always been a fan of Halloween costumes.

  10. My sister-in-law was preggo on Halloween last year and she made herself a pregnant skeleton costume: She painted the skeleton onto a plain black shirt and pants and included the little fetal skeleton in her belly, it was pretty hilarious.

  11. While my best friend was very pregnant at my Halloween party, she came as a golden snitch from Harry Potter. She dressed all in black with gold around her pregnancy belly. She crafted the wings and fashioned them onto a headband to wear. It was awesome.

  12. I was a luchador, but I was 4 months along and thought I’d be showing big time when I put my costume together, and then wasn’t showing. At. All. I think it would have been waaay funnier with a big belly.

  13. A pregnant friend let me paint her belly bump as a Jack-o-lantern one halloween.

    for my bachelorette party we had a “til death do us party” theme, so costumes were pretty much suitable for halloween too.
    My 7 month pregnant friend came as a Mummy, all wrapped up in bandages and in her comfiest white yoga pants! (she said it was the most comfortable shes ever been on a night out)

    and I LOVE the zombie baby (plastic doll) popping out of a pregnant belly effect!

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