A Belgian B&B fit for a rogue’s gallery of guests

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All photos of the bull bed and breakfast courtesy Kozi Kaza.

This week Ariel and I fawned over a B&B in Belgium called La Balade Des Gnomes, which features this Trojan-horse-like room, among others.

The rolling room is just one of a dozen or so amazing spaces — a tangle of bedrooms, bathtubs, lounge areas, and hallways.

It looks like it’s the mobile home of a band of mysterious, roguish, magical minstrels.

Unfortunately, there’s not much in English about this B&B online, so all we can do is gaze at photos and wish were there. Seriously, just go spend some time clicking around their website and getting inspired.

Le sigh.

Via Du côté Dechezvous.

Comments on A Belgian B&B fit for a rogue’s gallery of guests

  1. How awesome :D:D:D
    The website is beautiful, I love the banner at the top that changes when you click on different rooms.
    If anyone needs translating I’m happy to help as I speak Dutch 🙂

  2. Would you be jealous if I told you that I live just 100km away from this place (but never heard of it)?
    I will definetely spend a long weekend there. Soon.

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