It’s almost Father’s Day: let’s get our budget-friendly geeky gifting on via ThinkGeek

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May 2012

I’m a big-time fan of giving gifts that have little to do with parental roles: many of the comments on gifts for Butch moms are the perfect example of this. Both of you KNOW that you’re parents — so why celebrate a day about being a parent with kid-themed gifts? AS SUCH, here are a few of my favorite gifts for the geek you’re crushing on in that partner-for-life kind of way:

Under $10

I refuse to believe there aren’t dudes out there who wouldn’t LOVE a few Giant Plush Microbes. THEY’RE SO CUTE!

If you’re loving on a journaling type who also happens to enjoy Doctor Who, this Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal might be peeeerfect.

These Recycled Record Guitar Picks are $5 and THE gift for the music player in your life — they’re not just for dads and dudes!

This Grow Your Own Coffee kit is consistently one of my favorite ThinkGeek offerings: it’s just brilliant for the coffee fan(s) in your life.

If I saw this Shark Attack Mug at the bottom of my coffee I would LOL every single time. PLUS it’s the perfect gift pairing with the coffee plant, am I right?!

Under $20

Living with a Dali fan? Snag this Melting Clock before it… melts away?

OH HEY! The Camera Lens Mug is YET ANOTHER perfect companion for that
Grow Your Own Coffee
kit, mais non? Seriously, someone just buy it already. Please!

The meh shirt: for the days where everyone’s feeling a little apathetic. This one’s unisex, and you can also get a Meh Hoodie and/or flask.

Under $50

Ok, gaming nerds and friends: you can get your Portal Bookends RIGHT HERE.

The Universal Gadget Wrist Charger may be one of the most GENIUS inventions ever. It’s touted as being a perfect road trip companion — gamers can strap this on their wrist and plug in — but it could also be handy for any number of outings and events.

I’m really not sure what I could tell you about the Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair that would make you or your significant other want it more than you already do: it’s R2-D2! On a chair! Take it to the beach, a jousting tournament, your back yard.. wherever, y’all. WHEREVER.

CALLING ALL WHO KNOW A DOCTOR WHO FANS: Doctor Who Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver. Why buy one when you could build your OWN?!

You can also DIY your own Father’s Day gifts… what will you guys be doing to mark the day?

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  1. Um… can I just buy all of this for myself instead? I think I’ll appreciate most of it more than he would. My dude is of the ‘I don’t need this so you can return it, mmkay?’ breed so I let him pick out his own gifts. 🙂

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