All photos by Georgia Peach Pictures.
It’s totally a cliche, but there’s something about birth photography that makes me quiet. Every time I see photos from a birth — whether it’s an unmedicated home birth or a hospital birth or something in between — I just feel like… I have to respect the awesomeness that is childbirth. These photos by Georgia Peach Pictures (she wrote that guide to making your family videos more awesome you guys loved) have definitely rocked my world.

Birthing a kid is a pretty cool thing to do, but not unique: everyone who has experienced it shares the experience with millions of people around the world. So in that light, it’s pretty awesome to me that people choose to have their birthing experiences documented: it’s like your way of giving one big tip of your hat to everyone else. Nice.

I absolutely love shots like this -- you feel so much without even seeing their expressions. Perfection.

I keep finding myself half-whsipering 'you can do it!'



HOLY MOLY, do you love this or what?!

Comments on A water birthing story told in photos

  1. Gorgeous. That next to last picture is just WOW.

    Although I have to say the name “Georgia Peach Photography” got me excited that this was in my state, but alas, not even close.

  2. wow. This is beautiful. I love that you can see how strong this mama is, but also how much she needs Daddy. Some of the pictures she’s alone and being strong for her child and sometimes all she needs is to be held… isn’t that parenting? Amazing pictures and i’m sure there’s more for their eyes only. I’m so glad they have this on film (memory card?)


  3. What beautiful photos! This post couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m currently pregnant and giving birth where these were taken. One of the above photos even has my midwife in it! Thank you so much for posting it.

  4. These photos just convinced my partner that it would be okay to have a professional photographer around during the birth, not just my mom taking shots. thanks!

  5. I’d love to have my water birth photographed. My husband is a photographer and i’m hoping that we can manage some shots without it getting in the way of his enjoyment and involvement in the birth.

    These are beautiful.

  6. Ok, stupid question from someone who is not pregnant and has never had kids but eventually plans to….

    I have been starting to love the idea of a water birth, based mostly on posts from Offbeat Mama, but when I brought it up to my husband he kind of freaked out about the idea of all kinds of grossness being in the water and getting everywhere… is this really the case? In all the pictures up there, the water still looks clear and lovely, and neither mama nor daddy nor baby look like they’re covered in gross. (In fact, they’re all stright-up gorgeous.) What’s the deal with that? Is it just an awesome photographer? Is it cleaner than my husband is expecting? A little help for the ignorant, here, please…

    (And seriously – beautiful family, beautiful birth!)

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