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The photo-filled home birth story of baby Katurah

Orange County-based Blair Nicole Photography recently shot Chad and Veronica’s home birth experience — and is sharing the photos with us today!

A gorgeous home birth of adoptive twins shot entirely in film

I am in loooove with these photos Jacklyn of Jacklyn Michele’s Photojournal sent me from a home birth for twins that she shot last month — they’re incredible. Even more incredible is that the birth mother gave birth in the home of the parents who adopted the babies — that’s some kind of gorgeous village right there!

An epic photo journey through an unplanned cesarean birth

My first introduction to Catherine of CALIMA Portraits came last year via that super cute Hobbit chair and vintage family session we ran. Since then I’ve been more or less in love with both Catherine and her work. I was totally stoked to get to meet her at our Offbeat Empire reception last October (she’s dancing behind Jenny Jimenez in a shot on this post)! ANYWAY, long story short: Catherine’s incredible and her work is just… extraordinary.

From the operating room: photos from a planned cesarean section birth

I recently had the privilege to spend a few hours in the hospital with a friend of mine and shoot the birth of her third child, Gabrielle. While I’ve shot births before, this one was a new experience — it was my first time in an operating room, and my first time shooting a cesarean section.

A water birthing story told in photos

It’s totally a cliche, but there’s something about birth photography that makes me quiet. Every time I see photos from a birth — whether it’s an unmedicated home birth or a hospital birth or something in between — I just feel like… I have to respect the awesomeness that is childbirth. It’s a pretty cool thing to do, but not totally unique: everyone who has experienced it shares with millions of people around the world. So in that light, it’s pretty awesome to me that people choose to have their birthing experiences documented: it’s like your way of giving one big tip of your hat to everyone else. Nice.

A serene water birth story told in photos

I’m absolutely a fan of birth photography — I think having a professional photographer document something as momentous as your child (or children’s!) birth is an awesome thing to do. When Emma Williams sent over a birth she shot a few months ago, I knew it would be a perfect feature for you guys.

An earthy homebirth captured in photos

If you were digging the tie-dye baby shower a few weeks ago, here’s the birth story!

The midwife-assisted “home birth” of Georgia June (in photos)

Natasha and Paul live in Alabama — a state that doesn’t allow licensed midwives to be present at home births. To get around this, they went to Tennessee to give birth to their baby, and here are the photos from the day.