My new obsession: Gigantic beach blankets shaped like food!

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Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket

Remember just about every summer when I freak out about amazingly ridiculous rafts? Well, once this one got made, I realized that nothing will ever be better than that. So now I have a new obsession: Gigantic beach blankets shaped like food!

I mean, this quote pretty much sums up how amazing they are:

I took this blanket to Coachella and it was a hit! At my camping spot I used it for decoration in the communal area and then when I brought it inside the venue to sit on, many people were complimenting it and wanting to take photos with it. The size fits two people comfortably and I like that it was on the thinner side so it wasn’t heavy to carry around. I also used it as a pizza cape.

Now let’s feast on delicious beach blankets. Because not only can you have a pizza cape, you can have a DONUT CAPE:

Donut beach blanket!
Sushi Roll Round Beach Towel
Gigantic Cupcake Beach Blanket
French Fries beach blanket
Gigantic pineapple beach blanket
Cake beach blanket
Gigantic Strawberry Beach Blanket
Gigantic burger blanket
Round kiwi blanket

And now, the piece de resistance, the thing that combines all the best things ever: Ice cream, cookies, sprinkles, and beach time…

The Gigantic Cookie Sandwich Beach Blanket!!!

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