Thanks for your interest sharing your home with us!

A few notes on photos:

  • We can't feature your home without photos.
  • We can accept photos via Google Drive, Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook folder, etc. (that we can gain access to) in a set containing no more than 50 photos.
  • Please be sure to include photos of you and any other occupants in your home, using the space! We like our home tours to feel like people really LIVE in these homes, and it's hard to get a feel for the space without seeing YOU in the photos.
  • We like photos that give a real sense of the rooms — sure, we like that cute bookshelf you've got, but we want to see the WHOLE ROOM that cute bookshelf is in. Don't just focus on details: aim to get a real sense of the context of your home.
  • Photo quality definitely counts. Here are some tips on how to photograph your home.

Now, just answer a few questions for us. Take your time and answer questions thoroughly. 🙂

Home tour submission

  • You can use a pseudonym if you'd like.
  • Occupation doesn't have to be a job; what do you DO?
  • Partner(s), roommates, pets
  • If you have one. This is optional.
  • In order for us to feature your home, you need to have a some photos on a photo sharing site like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Neighborhood, city, state, country
  • Give us the elevator pitch!
  • How is your home unique? How does it reflect you? You might not live in a punk house, but how's your lifestyle outside the norm?
  • What is it like living where you live?
  • Might be the way it look, what it's made of, or something about how you live.
  • Could be a room. Could be a space. Could be the wood paneling or the bay window. Doesn't matter if it's offbeat or not.
  • What's been the hardest about living there? How did are you dealing with the challenge? Be specific!
  • Every space has something to teach. What have you learned?
  • Dreaming of remodeling, or just have a scheme for new curtains? SPILL!
  • Any tips & tricks? This is optional.
  • Any online or local stores you love for home decor? Any local services (housekeepers, handy(wo)men, realtors, etc) you'd recommend?