Black damask zip storage bags WUT!?

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I just laid eyes on these gallon-size zip storage bags in a fancy black damask pattern. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something fancy in which to store your holiday leftovers, or in which to send them home with your guests.

They’re on sale right now: make your holiday leftovers even MORE appealing with 30 bags for $8! Plus, they’re so cute you KNOW you’re going to want to rinse ’em and reuse them over and over again. So they’re quite the freaking deal.

Comments on Black damask zip storage bags WUT!?

  1. I see $7.99 as well. Also, I’ve read that it isn’t very safe to wash and reuse ziploc-type bags because the chemicals in the plastic can start breaking down and leeching into your food. Maybe I’m misinformed?

    • This sounds like a rumor businesses would propagate to encourage folks to buy more bags. Can anyone link to a source confirming one way or the other?

      • The consensus online seems to be they are okay to reuse as long as you don’t heat them. Many suggested storing similar things in bags and marking them so you know what you had been storing. (ie one bag is always for dry goods like crackers, etc.) I wouldn’t reuse a bag that had been used for something like raw meat, but one that had been used for crackers seems like it would be just fine.

    • On Oprah, years ago(2004?), she had a consumer goods report on washing and reusing ziplock bags. I guess bacteria will absorb into the plastic, making it impossible to remove bacteria by washing the bags.
      That being said, I personally would have no problem washing and reusing for non-food storage.

      • So now we’ve got rumors of both chemicals AND bacteria, terrifying both the hippies and the germ-phobes alike! 🙂 I guess I like to live on the edge: I totally wash and reuse ziploc bags.

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