CustomMade helps you connect with 3,000+ artisans for all your custom goods needs

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If you’ve ever dreamed up a piece of furniture or jewelry but found yourself unable to bring what you see in your head to fruition with your own hands, you’re going to love CustomMade. CustomMade is an online marketplace that can connect you with over 3,000 artisans who are just waiting to help build the custom item you can’t get out of your head.

The process is super easy:

  1. You have a vision
  2. You post your idea to CustomMade’s Project Board
  3. Makers contact you with details about how they’d do the job

Check out this video about the services offered (which you can see below):

If you’re curious for more info, head over to Laughing Squid and the CustomMade website.

Comments on CustomMade helps you connect with 3,000+ artisans for all your custom goods needs

  1. Yes!! This might single handedly be the best thing ever since etsy got rid of alchemy (where you could post a listing for what you wanted made, and vendors/craftspeople offered up their services)

  2. Sometimes, there aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to properly encompass the awesome of something.

    I’m loving this as much for all the things I could finally FOR REAL have as I am for browsing stuff that other people have finally, FOR REAL gotten.

  3. I really wish I had something I wanted made now. I hope as a website it survives forever and I eventually get to use it when I have a bigger/better home.

  4. This is awesome! It’s actually really interesting too when I compare how production is in different countries. I used to live in Egypt and everybody there prefers things custom made. They go to the furniture guy or the jeweler down the street to get what they want. Most people don’t buy from IKEA or bigger stores there, mostly because it’s too expensive especially when they can get exactly what they want for cheaper. I was able to design the furniture for my house and have someone build it for a fraction of what I’d find it for. Plus I loved having my house tailored to me 🙂

    I just wonder if custom made is going to be more expensive here in the US as opposed to buying from bigger stores.

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