7 regular purses from ModCloth that can totally double as bangin’ diaper bags

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Jet Outta Town Bag ($35) is perfect no matter where you’re going — it’s 12″ tall, 15″ long, an 5.5″ wide.

I carried a diaper bag around with me for the first year and a half of my son’s life until I realized that there’s not ONE good reason to carry a bag I didn’t like just because it’s labeled as being great for holding diapers. Since the standard size for diaper bags tends to hover between 15 to 17″ wide and 10 to 13″ tall a LOT of bags can get the job done. In fact, I highly recommend picking a medium-to-large bag you adore and using it to house both your baby’s stuff and your stuff — most large bags can easily hold a few diapers, baby food, car keys, a cell phone and a notebook with room to spare.

The Wherever You Wander bag.

This cheery number ($56) measures 15″ tall, 10″ long, and 5″ wide so it’s a vertical option for those who are backpack-inclined.

Betsey Johnson Zigzag-y Stardust Tote.

I think we can all agree that if Ziggy Stardust ever needed a diaper bag, this one by Betsey Johnson ($68.99) would be it. The bag measures a 13.5″ tall, 21″ long, and 6.5″ wide.

The Looking Up Tote.

EEE this hot air balloon-adorned tote ($52) is adorable! It’s also 12″ tall, 16″ long, and 6″ wide — perfect diaper toting dimensions.

The Pendleton Adventure Capital Tote.

At $260 the Pendleton Adventure Capital Tote may not be first on your budget-friendly shopping list, but the pattern is incredible and it clocks in at 16″ tall, 23.5″ long, and 7″ wide.

The Bayside Abodes Bag.

I love the simple black and white pattern on the Bayside Abodes Bag ($61.99) — sizes are 16″ tall, 17″ long, and 9″ wide.

Up-and-Hummingbird Bag.

Oooh this Up-and-Hummingbird Bag ($58.99) is so sweet! The hummingbirds are adorable, and the bag itself a great fit for a mom toting an older child — it’s 11″ tall and 6″ wide.

If none of these strike your fancy there are plenty more where they came from — ModCloth’s sales section is brimming with potential!

Comments on 7 regular purses from ModCloth that can totally double as bangin’ diaper bags

  1. Lovely! I used a diaper bag for about a week. Then I realized I didn’t need almost anything in there and I switched to using my old canvas purse. It was a small thing, but it made me feel so much more like myself. Instead of the several books that were usually tucked in my purse, insert diapers, nursing cover, burp cloth, wipes. Done 🙂

  2. THANK YOU for featuring bags that are under $100. While I was pregnant, I HATED all those “Diaper Bags You Need RIGHT NOW!” and “Fun Stylish Diaper Bag Finds!” because they rarely included anything with a range for all types of incomes. (Or spending styles. I was lucky enough to be gifted a Kate Spade diaper bag that I double as my purse, but the thought of spending that kind of money on a bag for myself makes me fan my neck and need a lie-down…)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I am working on my registry, and I decided to forgo getting a diaper bag and just get one this changing pad kit thingy. All of the diaper bags I saw are kinda ugly and didn’t seem that functional beyond being a diaper bags. But I am going to be in the market for a big bag!

  4. I would love to see a post on stylish yet comfortable diaper bags. As mama to a very heavy 4 month old my shoulders are often aching so I’m using a back pack from Patagonia that’s functional but makes me feel like a huge dork.

  5. No kids yet, but Matt and Nat were having a season’s end BLOWOUT sale a couple months ago and I bought what will be my diaper bag (it was spend $40 on shipping from Canada or spend $20 more and get another bag). Best part is that it matches my new purse, bookbag, and backpack, and TOTALLY doesn’t look diaper bagy 😀

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