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My area is going plastic bag free. How do I dispose of this cat poop?

In Australia, our big supermarkets are about to switch to being plastic bag free.

I’m all for this, but I regularly use the bags to dispose of icky kitty litter and was hoping I could get some suggestions as to more environmentally friendly (and hopefully cheap) options?

Cover Blubber is going to kill your plastic wrap and save your food

Have you guys seen Cover Blubber yet? It’s this awesome reusable super-stretchy rubber wrapping material, intended to cover food and keep it fresh inside your refrigerator or freezer. In short: It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

My name is Megan, and I’m hooked on plastic bags

We’ve talked about ditching plastic, we’ve talked about the joys of re-usable bags, and all that other great-for-the-environment stuff. Oh, but my darling Homies, I have something to confess… I’m addicted to plastic grocery bags.

Let’s talk about reusable produce bags

I have been working on reducing my plastic use this year. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for alternatives to plastic bags for produce and bulk shopping at grocery stores? Has anyone switched from those store-ready produce bags? If so, did the store give you any problems when checking out with your produce holders?

Black damask zip storage bags WUT!?

I just laid eyes on these gallon-size zip storage bags in a fancy black damask pattern. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something fancy in which to store your holiday leftovers, or in which to send them home with your guests.

Store your plastic grocery bags in tiny little folded triangles

While I love that Seattle recently enacted a plastic bag ban, I also have always made heavy use of my plastic grocery bags — they’re the perfect size for our smaller garbage cans, and I loath the idea of purchasing little plastic bags to hold trash. Because of this, I’ve started hoarding my diminishing stash of grocery bags, and A Lil Bird Told Me has a brilliant way to keep those slippery plastic sacks perfectly stored. Head on over to get the full instructions.

Mind blown: cut off a bottle spout to store snack bags

I just…what is there even to say, here? Basically, the picture shows you what to do. It’s brilliant and it involves a half-full bag of snacks, a wide-mouth bottle spout, and a lid.

How to moth-proof your yarn collection AND kept it pretty

My yarn stash was sitting in wicker baskets or boxes on the floor. Why not just lay out a moth banquet? So, I decided to see this is an opportunity to re-do the “knitting corner” in my living room.

So here some of my anti moths in yarn techniques…