A serene water birth story told in photos

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All photos by Emma Williams.
I’m absolutely a fan of birth photography — I think having a professional photographer document something as momentous as your child (or children’s!) birth is an awesome thing to do. When Emma Williams sent over a birth she shot a few months ago, I knew it would be a perfect feature for you guys. Says Emma:

This little one’s beautiful, peaceful water birth and the strength of an amazing woman, who gracefully handled more than 30 hours of labour and a husband who breathed with her through it all, completely reenergized me.

Elmslie’s birth unfolded so naturally, overseen by an extraordinary team of midwives.

I am absolutely in love with these two! This photo took my breath away:

Cute detail: the baby’s bed is all ready, complete with a photo mobile.

Oh girl. THAT FACE. Am I the only one mentally cheering her on? I’m all “you can do it!” in my head, and I know how this ends.

This! I love this! Her face is priceless, so filled with wonder.

Nom nom nom, sweet baby hands.

… and everyone’s happy.

You can see the entire birth at Emma Williams’s blog.

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  1. Thank you so much! We can’t afford a photographer for the birth, so the midwives have volunteered to take some pictures for us, but I crave the sheer amount of artistic light balance and subject sensibility that Emma Williams shows here. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful. Makes me jealous, actually. We were planning a homebirth in March (with the same midwife, coincidentally), but ended up in the hospital with an emergency c-section. It is so wonderful to see how her birth unfolded and to hope we might be able to have something similar if we are lucky enough to have another.

  3. Emma is an absolutely amazing photographer, she has such a calm and unintrusive way of working, and shes a mom too, she KNOWS whats going on there in a way only another mom can know… she was made for this kind of work, she lives and breathes it, and the results speak for themselves.

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