The ergonomic dream chair for your home office that looks like an impractical future machine

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The heat’s driven me to working in the basement at home, and it’s dark and lame. It’s been a month now — I’m getting restless. So I’ve taken to spending one day a week at the fabulous Des Moines Public Library, which my tax dollas pay to air condition.

It’s huge, so each day I work in a new area. This week, I discovered this amazing chair in a new corner of the stacks: I call it the mobius char, but its real name is the Innovation C Chair.

When I came upon it, I sort of had to stand and ponder it. I imagine I looked like a gorilla after having been presented with a new tool or toy.

Are you getting it? Does it make sense to you? Here, does this classy MySpace portrait help?

You sit on the lower portion and put a laptop, book, or writing pad on the upper strip, and then you have an ergonomic happy work place. It spins smoothly, giving you a pleasant way to fidget — though I did keep wrapping up my laptop cord.

If I’m reading the pricelist right, I could add this workstation to my home office for just $275. The C Chair runs about $4500 list price — so what I need to do it figure out a reason to buy, like, 15 of them at 40% off!

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  1. That’s totally cool, but I require back support as I am too lazy to hold myself upright, haha.

  2. All I can think of is Star Trek. And also that I would slump like crazy in a chair like that… no matter how cool it seems!

  3. I’m pretty sure from looking at the site that the $275 is for a table that isn’t upholstered… “also available”. The chairs seem to start at $5710.

      • Libraries and other government organizations can get a pretty hefty discount, especially if they’re buying a bunch at a time. They also may have had extra money that they needed to use up before the end of the year, or they would get less next year.

      • Or got a them with a donation that specified what it could be used for. Or, just a chair donation.

  4. I just want to say that the MySpace photo totally helped. I had no idea how it worked until I saw that, haha.

  5. When I saw this chair, i thought of this one. My brother and I used to play on them in office stores when my mom took us school supply shopping back in the day.

  6. Looks great, but it doesn’t appear that they make left-handed ones, which makes me sad. Not because I’m left-handed, because I’m not, just sad for the left-handed people who want one.

    • I can see my right arm getting caught up in that if I’m a righty. Having my left arm free to move around when I have to write or grab my drink off the table next to me makes much more sense as a lefty.

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