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Please allow us to all to bask in this concept from French site It’s so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first: bed alcove + vertical blinds = brilliant studio apartment space-division hack. Since living in Los Angeles a decade ago, I’ve had this grudge against vertical blinds (UG! The way they clack-clack-clack when a breeze comes through the window!), but this makes me reconsider. How else could vertical blinds be used to divide smalls spaces?

To see more pictures, head on over to It’s in French, but the photos are amazing.

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    • Ribbons or Christmas lights or fabric panels or accordion doors or…
      It would be easy to hack the vertical blind track to hold just about anything you desire, as well, if you’re willing to put the dollarage in.
      It’s also a big trend around here to have barn stall doors set up on tracks to push out as you need them. So in the above picture (if the wall were flush,) it’d push across, over the bar area, closing in the kitchen. Which I could see usefulness for, like when you’re doing a dinner party and your kitchen is a MESS of pots and pans!

  1. We’re moving into a new home this weekend and there are vertical blinds in the living room. We can’t take them down, but I don’t want them to be the main focal point for that window.

    Any ideas on how we could make them better without taking them down or painting them?

    • Well, you can have them pushed to the side all the way so they’re not seen as easily and hang some curtains over the blind track. When we had them in our last apartment, the things kept coming off the track, and they’re noisy if you like sleeping with the windows open.

  2. That is a pretty great idea!

    I’ve actually missed having vertical blinds in all my windows since I left the LA area, because vertical blinds are easier for cats to jump through when they want to sit on the windowsills. If they try the same thing with horizontal blinds, they bend them something terrible.

    Though they do rattle in the wind, so do horizontal ones and since those are made of metal the sound is usually louder.

  3. What did they do with the cords? I’m a klutz, and could totally see myself getting my foot tangled in something like this, and ending up falling flat on my face.

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