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6 cheap and easy tips to help you divide open spaces like a pro

How do you prevent having your loft or open floor plan feel like a furniture display warehouse? You don’t necessarily have to renovate and tear down (or build!) walls to divide open spaces well. Here are six cheap and easy tips to help you master the open space trend like a pro…

Bamboo fencing: my favorite island-style home decor

I’m working in Maui right now. Aloha, bitches! So I’m inspired to talk about one of my favorite decorating tools to instantly give your home an instant island feel — bamboo fencing! It’s obviously useful as fencing, but also has many indoor and outdoor uses to make your home feel like a tropical vacation.

I need help finding the perfect room divider!

ight now, my search is for an affordable divider for a bachelor pad where the only window is a glass balcony door to quite a deep room. I need a divider that allows privacy, as well as let light in, while being affordable. I’m desperately searching for solutions/ideas that meet those criteria and right now am tearing my hair out! Help?!

Create a bed alcove with vertical blinds

Please allow us to all to bask in this concept from French site It’s so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first: bed alcove + vertical blinds = brilliant studio apartment space-division hack. Since living in Los Angeles a decade ago, I’ve had this grudge against vertical blinds (UG! The way they clack-clack-clack when a breeze comes through the window!), but this makes me reconsider. How else could vertical blinds be used to divide smalls spaces?

Turn a crappy bi-fold door into a glowing damask enchantment

I installed this door over our laundry room after we dumpster-dove it, so I wasn’t surprised that a panel popped out before long. I took this fixit project as an opportunity to make the whole shebang a lot prettier.

3 quickie ideas for unconventional room dividers

When we lived in a studio apartment, we used an IKEA bookcase to divide our “bedroom” from the…front door area. (In retrospect, maybe putting the bed in front of the door was a poor choice.) BUT! I know how important and useful dividers can be in small spaces. I’ve got a few simple ideas.

A Polaroid-themed Seattle artist’s loft with an altar in every room

This loft is New York-style in Seattle. Between the altars and the archways and the hardwood, it smacks of monastery life — so the dachsund, fantasy chandelier and huuuuuge landcamera prints all over are even better.

How to live with your in-laws while still feeling like an adult and maintaining your autonomy

Loads of us are shacking up with in-laws to save money, but it’s not always easy to feel good about being in the ‘rents house. Luckily, Offbeat Bride’s Community Manager Ang has a WEALTH of ideas on bringing your style to a prohibitive cohabitation situation.