There’s an app that’ll help you find places where you can actually take up space as a larger person

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AllGo app - plus size rating app - plus size yelp app -- There's an app that'll help you find places where you can actually take up space
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You know what’s rad? Stores, restaurants, bars, theme parks, and other public spaces which are accessible for everyone — even those of us who take up space or call ourselves fat or otherwise like to not be squeezed into spaces which are only meant for a fraction of the population.

I stumbled upon an app called AllGo that is sort of like a Yelp but for rating accessibility for fat/plus size (you pick your terms!) people. If you are one of these people, these things will sound familiar: tables that aren’t bolted down so you can move them, chairs without arms so you’re not squished, wider aisles, space to move… you get the idea. If you’re a person of size (again, self-identify in the way you prefer!), it can be a minefield when you don’t know if you’ll be super uncomfortable during your time in public or not even able to get into a space at all. Just try to see if rides at theme parks will accommodate — it’s a huge gamble. Seeing reviews of a public place ahead of time can save a ton of unfair embarrassment and awkwardness.

It should also give an incentive to restaurants when accommodating more bodies can mean more business and happier patrons. The peace of mind in knowing what you’ll be encountering when you head out into the open (and sometimes tiny) world cannot be understated.

Sometimes these more accessible places are more accessible in general to disabled consumers as well. So that’s a bonus when you’re trying to vote with your money and support progressive and mindful businesses in your area.

If you want to snag the app, it’s called AllGo (as in, Can We All Go) on the app store of your choice (Apple or Google Play).

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  1. Thanks for this! My husband is 6’8″ and 350+ lbs. While I’ll have to look closely to see if the height issues are covered, the weight ones alone will be helpful. The length of this legs alone means we need tables that move, even if he were a more average weight.

    • That’s what I was thinking! I’m average size (well, relative to my height) but 6’4″ and often have problems fitting into things that aren’t adjustable. Something like this could be very helpful for those of us who are ultra tall and don’t fit into the world in general.

  2. Interesting concept! I don’t currently have loved ones in need of it (we’re all within the societally-prescribed ‘normal’ range, both weight and height) but I can see how it could be very useful. Since I’m likely to end up needing mobility assistance due to early-onset arthritis, and therefore being specifically in need of moveable chairs so I can fit my wheelchair in, or at least ones with good-for-me support (armrests, backs, narrow enough to fit my petite ass) to transfer to, I will be watching this one with great fascination.

    (I might be able to contribute, actually. My loved ones and I are all socially-appropriately-sized now, but some of us didn’t used to be. In particular, I know how the local theme park rides fit people of larger size because I know when my dad started being able to come on coasters with me.)

  3. oh. my. god. I have never heard about this app and I think it is WONDERFUL. my dad is always struggling with such situations, and now, uh, maybe it can help him to find places where he can enjoy his order 1001%. thank you for sharing!! good luck with your blog!!

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