Get your daily self love by following these body positive Instagram accounts

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Get your daily self love by following these body positive Instagram accounts
Photo via Jessamyn Stanley

We’ve been having some discussions about body positivity lately that made me remember that not everyone is entrenched in body positive role models on social media as others of us are. What better way to shine some light on our favorite bad-ass body positive babes than by finding some of the best body positive Instagram accounts out there?

Whether they’re loving their fat bodies, their disabled bodies, their perceived “flaws,” their feminism, and their everyday realness, these are some babes who will prove that “the norm” means nothing.

Meghan Tonjes (@meghantonjes)

Podcaster, YouTuber, creator, body positive babe, and all-around shining star. Go follow Meghan for real takes on loving yourself. I’ve been a fan since her early days of doing amazing song covers on YouTube.

Gabi Fresh (@gabifresh)

Gabi is a full-on force in body-posi circles and has the cred and product lines to prove it.

Sabina Karlsson (@thesabinakarlsson)

Sabina Karlsson is a Swedish model who I LOVE to watch. She’s gorgeous and got her start in straight-size modeling. But she’s up-front about never wanting to go back to it after entering curvy-sized modeling.

Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda)

Bestselling author of Body Positive Power, Megan Jayne Crabbe, is well-known in the body positivity movement and in feminism and calls herself an “anorexia conqueror.” Her story is a great one to follow. Plus she’s a rainbow in person form.

Glitter (@glitterandlazers)

Glitter (aka Anna) is a vlogger and blogger with a seriously good eye for fashion and especially active fashion. Follow for her outfits, stay for her killer personality.

Sonny Turner (@sonnyturner___)

Plus-size model Sonny Turner is all about highlighting what makes us self-conscious and then owning it. She’s also great at finding other kinds of diversities and shining a brilliant spotlight on them.

Kat Hawkins (@amputee_kat)

A filmmaker and dance artist, Kat Hawkins works as a reporter for the BBC and continues to dance even after losing both of her legs 10 years ago. She’s a force to be reckoned with!

Virgie Tovar (@virgietovar)

Virgie will be the one to start your journey to breaking up with diet culture. She fights sexism by day and promotes being your true self by night. Her rallying cry? “Lose hate not weight.”

Kali (@myfacestory)

Kali is a self-proclaimed skincare junkie due to her cystic acne and so many of us can relate. But she doesn’t let it devour her and finds beauty in her face on the reg. And you will, too.

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Jessamyn is a speaker, podcaster, and fitness phenom. If you can get into her workshops, enjoy your luck!

Jes Baker (@themilitantbaker)

Jes just released her next book that’s taking the body posi community by storm called Landwhale: On Turning Insults Into Nicknames, Why Body Image Is Hard, and How Diets Can Kiss My Ass, which pretty much sums up why she’s amazing.

We’re featuring these three lovely ladies on a fat-positive photo shoot over on Offbeat Bride this week! They’re all worth a follow…

Ta’lor Pinkston (@ladyhoodjourney)

Ta’lor is a poet, motivational speaker, self-love coach, and so so much more. See one of her lovely poems here.

Kayla Bix (@kay_bix)

You can see Kayla being RAD AF as a model over on this post!

Jamie Hamilton (@jamie_jetaime)

Jamie is a body positive fashion icon, traveler, and ice cream connoisseur (fuck yes!).

Comments on Get your daily self love by following these body positive Instagram accounts

  1. Loving the insta roundup, but one piece of feedback. The term “differently abled” is quite problematic, its mainly only used by abled people as a way of policing our language and feelings. The majority of disabled people prefer the term disabled, though of course every individual gets to decide what language they would like to be referred to with. This post has a good summary of why it’s an issue.

    • This is super helpful, thanks Eleanor! I wasn’t aware of the nuance and I’m glad I am now. I’ll swap the language now and do some more digging into how better to articulate those particular words. Thanks again!

  2. If I could throw one in there that has helped me immensely it would be @plusmommy. Jen McLellan is a plus-sized, body positive mom who is also an educator for plus-sized people who are either trying to conceive or are pregnant. She shares personal stories and images along with a myriad of resources through her blog and Instagram pages (Plus Mommy) as well as her podcast of the same name. As a woman of size, experiencing her first pregnancy, I loved seeing how normal my pregnancy could be!

  3. I’m excited to see this resource! Although I am currently on day 7 of being social media free, which feels pretty awesome right now. May I recommend as supplements the Food Psych Podcast by @chr1styharrison (on Instagram) and Bodykindness Podcast by @rebeccascritchfield (on Instagram). I’ve been listening to them for a few months and I’m finally reading Health At Every Size. I’m learning so much and I love it. Another Instagram account I’d recommend is @benourishedpdx

  4. Such a good list! Those in the UK might want to check out @antidietriotclub. Its a group thats just started to encourage body positivity in London, and they partner with different groups to run events. They had yoga a few weeks back and a market focused on plus sizes is being held in July.

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