Kate and Zach's blissful baby-on-the-way maternity session

I love love love when photographers and couples connect and form a relationship that lasts over years. Amy Ann (of Amy Ann Photography) shot Kate and Zach's queer Jewish wedding last year, and then recently shot their maternity session a few weeks ago.

Kate + Zach Bump 14
All photos by Amy Ann Photography.

Kate + Zach Bump 01
I love it when a stack of books tells you so much about someone's present.
Kate + Zach Bump 02
What oh what is this magical pop-up rainbow book? I want one!
Kate + Zach Bump 03
YAY for pets!
Kate + Zach Bump 04
Family kiss!
Kate + Zach Bump 08
Oh, don't mind me. I'm just loving love.
Kate + Zach Bump 12
Am I the only one falling to pieces here? These shots are wonderful.
Kate + Zach Bump 07
This yellow wall is ruling me.
Kate + Zach Bump 11
More dog love!
Kate + Zach Bump 16
The big smiles are the BEST.
Kate + Zach Bump 17
AAAAND.. scene.

In case you're experiencing withdrawals, you can see even more shots at Amy Ann Photography's blog.

  1. Oh so cute!! They both look so happy. I love the shot of the books. Also loving the first picture where the ultrasound is in focus. Very creative and fun ^_^

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  2. Had to log in to comment that the magical pop-up rainbow book in question is What Makes a Rainbow by Betty Ann Schwartz. It's one of our favorites to read aloud in our house. And it has ribbons inside!

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  3. It's been 7 years since I saw Kate but I'm glad I get to witness your experience from afar! Can't wait until Julia and I are pregnant so I can contact you for advice. Congrats to you and Zach! You look fantastic and blissful!

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  4. Kate and Zach have been such fantastic friends and subjects for me over the years and I have been privileged to document their journey. I am so grateful to Offbeat Mama for sharing their story!

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  5. We're so happy to share our excitement and Amy's great pictures with everybody here. Yay non-traditional families!

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  6. That book is called ,"what makes a rainbow." and itis awesome! I read it to my kindergarten art classes and it never ceases to amaze them. Beautiful pictures.

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