A retro-striped wall, starting succulents, and bubbling brewing wine in this week's reader photos

By on Apr 9th

Good Monday, Homies! Here's a quick trip through the Offbeat Home Flickr pool to get us all up and at 'em for the week.

Late March 2012

le papillon vert is getting the garden ready.

We don't have a good feeling about this, but the late-night batch on dandelion wine is on its way.

We spent a late night session starting these jugs of dandelion wine. We're not optimistic, but they're bubbling away!


Kara gets a gold star for her use of gold leaf on this dresser redo!

Rex propagation

Le papillon vert again, starting some succulents.

Whosjaja wishes us all a happy spring with her lovely, gently dyed Easter eggs.

LOVING this loft, showcased by Damz. Notice the stripes painted on the walls?

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