Make your own "12 Beers of Christmas" gifts

It can be a challenge when it comes to Christmas shopping for your spouse, friend, parent, or co-worker… but the gift of booze is usually a win! The downside, however, is that a pre-packaged box or carton of booze can also come across as "easy" or "thoughtless." Well, I recently stumbled across a box that gave me an idea — a 12 bottle storage box could be transformed into "The 12 Beers of Christmas!"


Get beerganized: How we easily organized our home brew kit

Craft brewing is awesome. You know what we DON'T love? The mess! Brewing at home takes up a ton of space, and between the equipment, utensils, and ingredients, it can start to take over your whole house! Here's how we organized our home brew equipment to make everything easy to see and easy to take with us!


Help, I'm drowning in home brewing supplies!

My partner has just gotten into home brewing, and I am constantly tripping over empty glass bottles, utility buckets, glass carboys and plastic tubing! Anyone have any advice or tips on keeping the brewing supplies corralled, neat, and stored in a small space?