Throw this party: A Nerdy Thirty birthday party

By on Jan 26th
Megan's Nerdy 30

A deliriously happy 30-year-old Megan with her stormtrooper birthday cake. Photo by Jana Morgan

About two weeks before my 30th birthday in August, someone reminded me that my "dirty thirty" was coming up soon. To which Aaron, that guy I married, responded: "With Megan, it's more like her nerdy thirty." And thus, a theme was born!

This is how I pulled off one hell of an awesome Nerdy Thirty birthday theme with only two weeks to plan, and with a little help from my friends:


I decided to go with online invitations, as I only had two weeks' time. Plus, I'm a big internet nerd — obviously. Of course, first I consulted Cat's post about online invitations to choose the right service for my needs.

Now, finding nerdy enough invitations became a challenge… until I discovered Punchbowl's kids birthday invitation section! That's where I found my little robot guy. So cute, so perfect.


Megan's Nerdy 30Inspired by the watermelon shark punch bowl from Offbeat Bride, I created a watermelon robot fruit bowl. It looked adorable and it was good for appetizers.

Megan's Nerdy 30Once again, children's party stuff is the way to go! Kawaii animal paper plates were perfect for the party.


Megan's Nerdy 30I'm a big fan of getting beer that goes with the theme of the party I'm throwing. I decided to try and round up all the nerdy beers that I could find. Here's a list of generally easy-to-find nerdy beers:


Megan's Nerdy 30Inspired by a wedding I shot where Nerf gun fights were erupting everywhere, I've been collecting a ton of Nerf guns that go on sale. In the days leading up to my birthday, Aaron and I had a blast finding more guns and basically just using the party as an excuse to go toy shopping.

Nerf fightObviously, fun times shooting each other ensued. Including a super dark, but strangely fun game of Russian Roulette with my Nerf N-Strike Maverick.


Megan's Nerdy 30When brainstorming party food ideas with my buddy, he told me about Valley's Pizza Land that makes pizzas the size of a freaking table! So OF COURSE I had to get the craziest, biggest pizza anyone has ever seen before. Coolest meal EVAR!

Megan's Nerdy 30

Excuse me, miss? There seems to be a mistake. I believe I ordered the *large* pizza.


IMG_0266-1I also bought a box of Nerd Rope candies for people to enjoy at the party and take home as favors, because: 1. It's delicious candy. 2. The name, obviously. 3. They look like DNA strands!


<Megan's Nerdy 30

Photo by Jana Morgan

My sweet friend Kimmy surprised me with a Star Wars birthday cake. Look — it's an adorable storm trooper! Big thanks to Butter Cake Bakery for this super tasty and nerdy confection.


Nerdy accessories, and the amazing Laura from Rebel Belle rocked her Star Trek shirt. (At least SOMEONE was repping the Trek!)

Nerdy accessories, and the amazing Laura from Rebel Belle rocked her Star Trek shirt. (At least SOMEONE was repping the Trek!)

Most of my friends aren't nerds, so I didn't make it a costume party. But if y'all have a dorkier crew than I have, make it a costume party — kigurumi suits, cosplay, shirts with pop culture references… for example:

Megan's Nerdy 30

Finally, the extra bonus that I didn't even think about happening…


My buddies were so awesome, a lot of them brought me nerd-themed gifts! From John who made me this Super Mario-inspired artwork:

Megan's Nerdy 30

Click on this photo to see the bigger version. Hilarity ensues.

Megan's Nerdy 30To Laura who got me a sweet potato gun AND a potato to go with it.

And one super sweet video made by my husband in honor of my Nerdy Thirty.

If you have any more ideas on throwing a kick-ass Nerdy Thirty, leave 'em in the comments!