Comfy and CUTE maternity offerings from Etsy

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It’s been a minute since we’ve given Etsy vendors some love.. which is funny, because I spend a solid part of every day scouring shop after shop. Since a lot of in-store maternity fashion can be troubling to say the least, Etsy is always an excellent alternative. Who knew you could find something like this vintage-inspired floral number from Hellcat Mama:

Skirt by Hellcat Mama.

The skirts are elastic-banded, so they’ll grow with you — OR if you’re not pregnant, they’re just fucking comfortable. She also has Casper the Friendly Ghost and Star Wars printed skirts available, and the bows are detachable. LOVE!

Mamasan Maternity is always an Offbeat Mama favorite.. and this Goth top and skirt makes it easy to see why:

Everything I’ve seen at Ticci Rockabilly is INCREDIBLE, but if you’re looking for the perfect rockabilly-inspired garment to traipse around in while with child, I’m gonna vote for this purple dress:

The shop PlusSizeClothing has a variety of ensembles (like this Fairy Dress! I’ve never been to a Ren Fair but I would totally wear this around the house just for fun), including this INGENIOUS maternity coat — it’s also baby carrier-friendly once your kid is born:

AND OMG: this due date maternity shirt from Discobelly is the shit. Every pregnant person I’ve ever known complains about the endless “You must be getting ready to pop!” that you inevitably hear when you’re only five months in. This shirt is one way to potentially not have to deal with all that:

These are totally just a few items — I definitely suggest cruising Etsy at your leisure for more. I apologize ahead of time if you spend several hours there.

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  1. Um, can’t sign into editz… sorry.
    The coat is not a baby carrier, but rather a baby-carrier friendly coat. Which is a terrific idea, but one needs a sling or ergo or other carrier under it.

  2. I think you just found the coat I need, and it should handle the rest of this winter and then next winter with baby-wearing. Gotta measure for it tomorrow before she’s slammed with Offbeatmama orders! 🙂

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